1 Year Anniversary in Dubai with SieMatic

Last week, we had the chance to celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary in Dubai with SieMatic, where we hosted our first Chefs Gathering in the UAE !

Our Dubai Chefs were present for a friendly gathering and to discover the most luxurious and unique kitchen ranges in the world, by La Cornue introduced in the UAE by SieMatic. The showroom is located in Karama, and presents the crème de la crème kitchen equipment that any Chef would die for.

A must for Chef Maxime, who offered a demo of his exquisite Turkey & Scallops Risotto prepared–thanks to La Cornue cooking range–in front of our Chefs all excited and impressed. Chef Maxime defines La Cornue equipment as ” the highest professional quality cooking range in a designer dress”.

Meanwhile, Chef Omar had prepared a wonderful buffet of Lebanese canapés, from tabouleh to kibbeh, and other delights. His special addition was a surprise anniversary cake for our belated 1 year in the UAE! To make it even tastier, Chef Sheelu, who specializes in baking, created a masterpiece for the occasion.

ChefXChange Birthday Cake in Dubai

Between the buffet, the cakes and the live demonstration, gathering our chefs was a great occasion for us to meet them, and for them to share their experiences with other chefs.

The ChefXChange team really enjoyed spending time with the new joiners too. We are planning some exciting cooking activities at the SieMatic Showroom: demos, cooking classes, launches, and you can be part of it by booking your seat for our next event at this prime location. 

If you are a private Chef, or would like to join our growing community of Chefs in Dubai, you can now do it in a few clicks. Sign-up HERE or contact Guillaume at guillaume@chefxchange.com with any questions.

So, wanna be a Chef?

Chef Gathering in Dubai