10 Arabic Dishes for Eid Al Adha

Eid Al Adha or Eid Al Kabeer is an important celebration amongst the Muslim community. It reminds the day of Abraham’s sacrifice. Lamb is the main food shared with the family and the ones in need during this religious day. Find out which of the 10 Arabic dishes for Eid Al Adha will inspire you for this year’s celebration.

Here is a gourmet journey in the Arab world to get inspired and discover Eid Al Adha’s traditional food in different countries. Select one of them and prepare it yourself at home or ask one of our Chefs to customize a menu with some of these traditional recipes:

Arabic dishes for Eid Al Adha

10 Best Arabic dishes for Eid Al Adha

#1. Herbel, harcha, beghrir, krachel, shebakia from the Maghreb

Start your day with a delicious breakfast including one of these dishes. Herbel is a combination between wheat and milk soup. Harcha is a semolina pan-fried flatbread, beghrir is a Semolina Honeycomb Pancakes, Krachels are Sweet Rolls with Anise and Sesame, or Shebakia, Fried sweet almond dough with sesame seeds. Book Chef Amro in Dubai and savour these amazing delights in his Tasty Moroccan menu.

 Fried sweet almond dough with sesame seeds -moroccan sweets, Eid Al Adha

Fried sweet almond dough with sesame seeds

#2. Cucumber and Yogurt Salad with Mint from Iran, Syria, Lebanon

Simple and just delicious, a perfect salad to accompany any types of meat: a creamy yoghurt with fresh mint, garlic and cucumber cut in tiny slices.

#3. Egyptian Fatteh

Rice, meat, crispy bread, vinegar and garlic will be cooked and put together in the Egyptian Fatteh from the Nubian tradition, made for Eid Al Adha and to celebrate a birth.

#4. Lamb 

There are many ways to prepare the lamb during Eid Al Adha: in kebab, mechoui steamed lamb, Kofta Curry, Afghani shul-e goshti, fried livers, biryani or raw meat, ask one of our Personal Chefs to assist you in the making of these traditional recipes. Lamb kofta is one of the best Arabic dishes for Eid Al Adha.

Meat, Eid Al Adha

#5. Omani Maqbous Rice

This succulent saffron rice is cooked over meat flavoured with several spices. To cook with a kebab or a mechoui for a perfect feast. Saffron is a rare spice that is 3 millenia years of age and has to be carefully chosen. See this article for a good explanation on how to differentiate a good from a bad quality saffron.

Eid Al Adha, Omani Saffron Rice

Omani Saffron Rice

#7. Jordanian Mansaf

A famous and a must try for adventurous foodies is the Mansaf, or meat that has been fermented in a yoghurt – goat’s milk, originally from Jordanian Bedouins and inspired by the Saudi “Thereed”.

#8. Kulfi – South Asian Almond Ice-cream 

What is the difference between a Kulfi and a regular ice-cream? The Kulfi is originally made out of the buffalo’s milk that is boiled to give that creamy texture. Almond Kulfi is a refreshing dessert that ends your meal on a sweet note. Learn how to make your own kulfi, or other types of ice-creams and sorbets here.

Almond Ice Cream, Eid Al Adha

#9. Maamul with pistachio and walnuts

Everyone loves maamuls, especially with a nice coffee or tea at the end of a meal or when guests arrive. Maamul can be made with a traditional wooden mold. Interesting tip from Mamaslovekitchen:

“Optional for the adventurous: If you have Acacia incense (Gum Arabic, aka “Bakhoor”) handy, you can burn a bit of it in the pot that you’re going use to warm the rose water for the maamoul dough. This gives a subtle but complex traditional flavoring to the dough.”

#10. Date Truffles from the Gulf and Rose Lemonade

La crème de la crème to finish your Eid Al Adha reception perfectly are date truffles and Rose Lemonade. Beautifully designed, with lovely colours and a healthier option than the maamul. Another option is to try Chef Dani‘s rosewater rice pudding topped with a pinch of pistachio Semolina coconut desert.

Arabic sweets, Chef Dani

Have you ever tried cooking one of these recipes? Share with us your favourite Arabic dishes for Eid Al Adha and personal recommendations for our foodies. If you are hosting a lunch or dinner for Eid Al Adha and want to impress your guests, hire one of our Chefs who will come and cook one of your favorite dishes on that occasion.