10 Amazing Tips to Host a Dinner Party at Home

Ok, foodies & gourmet aficionados, so you want to invite your friends over to your new place that you’ve tactfully decorated – or copied page 15 of the latest Ikea magazine, no one’s judging here – but you don’t really know where to start, do you?

Fear not, fellow foodie and budding entertainer, we have gathered 10 tips to help you through the planning and get you to host a dinner party at home.

10 Amazing Tips to Host a Dinner Party at Home

1. Pick a Theme

No need to go all out and ask your guests to dress-up, but a theme always helps building an atmosphere and making a dinner feel a little more ‘special’. Why not just pick the country from which the dishes are from? Add a couple of decorative elements using the flag colours and you’re all set! Do some research on various holidays happening within the month, like a ‘Cinco de Mayo’ dinner in May, or go for Dim Sums in February for Chinese New Year. A quick Google search should get you sorted for any dinner year-round!

2. Send Invitations

2015 means you don’t have to mail your guests a hand-written card – although it would make quite an impression and increase your swag – but a carefully curated email should suffice. Alternatively, go all tech and create a private Facebook event, where you will be able to communicate with all your guests at once, which can be convenient for last minute questions, or sending directions to your house.

3. Ask for Dietary Requirements

Ask your guests to send you any allergies or other requirements they might have ahead of time. You don’t want to be planning a meat-lover BBQ if half of your guests are vegetarians!

4. Accessorize Your Table

This will depend on your budget, but a couple of candles and a bouquet are always a budget-friendly way to create a pleasant atmosphere. Depending on your theme, you can also use a couple of ingredients to decorate the table. A couple of miniature bouquets of fresh herbs in small glasses or fortune cookies if you’re hosting a Chinese themed dinner is just the trick.

5. Don’t Be The DJ

Save yourself the hassle and don’t try to be the host AND the DJ. Create a playlist ahead of time on your computer. Better yet, YouTube playlists. Just don’t tell anyone.

6. Entertain The Kids

If you have kids yourself, you’re probably ready for anything. If you don’t, you might want to plan some entertainment for the little ones. If you don’t have a clue, the best way to go about it is to ask the parents directly what is best for their age. Maybe it’s bringing a board game, an iPad, or rent an animation movie that you can setup in another room. Just make sure you have something planned. And possibly a plan B (and C).

7. Don’t Let Them Be Strangers

Now that you’ve got hopefully everything sorted, your guests are starting to arrive. Always welcome all your guests at the door and introduce the ones who don’t know each other. It’s always good to introduce people by adding something your two guests might have in common. Maybe they both like tennis? Or travel? Try to stay away from any sensitive topic such as politics or religion.

8. Offer Refreshments Right Away

Whether you offer alcoholic beverages or not, you should always offer refreshments within the first 5 to 10 minutes or arrival. Add some panache and welcome each guest with a glass of their pre-researched vice.

9. To Cook or Not To Cook?

Now that you’ve got everything else sorted, you will still need to serve your guests something to munch on. Whether you’re planning a 5-course sit-down dinner or a finger food buffet you will need to make a plan.

But let’s be honest:

  1. You don’t really want to spend the evening running back and forth from the kitchen and being worried about the roast being dry, or not having enough salmon rolls. Let’s face it, we will never get the beef wellington right. Ever.
  2. The sight of the soggy and lukewarm delivery food will not exactly compliment your new dining ware. Nor will the plastic boxes – just saying.

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10. Have fun!

No one likes a stressed-out host running around the house like a headless chicken. So, be nice to your partner in front of your guests, don’t yell at your kids, spend time with all the lovely people you have invited – they are here to see you after all – breathe in, breathe out, and enjoy!