15 Funny Tweets About PokémonGo and Food

Have you jumped on the PokémonGo train yet? All aboooaaarrrrd! Though we can’t endorse slacking on work and other life responsibilities to catch Pokémon, or bumping into people on the street because you are so engrossed on your phone, or any other list of PokémonGo faux pas. We do endorse extra walking adventures with friends and Pokémon catching. Might as well get fit while searching for the creatures, but be smart about it! 

We’ve curated a list of 15 funny tweets about PokémonGo and food. We’re thinking that the days of dining etiquette are probably behind a lot of us and quite annoying to others as well. As if taking snapshots of our food wasn’t bad enough, now we have another engaging app to use during meals. 

1. Who else?

2. What the Pho–? 


3. Yummmm. Mac’achu!

4. Do your Pokémon join you for breakfast as well? 


5. Do you plan your meals around Pokéstops?

6. You’ve done it haven’t you?  



7. If you haven’t, but need some recommendations…

8. MilkBar knows the deal!


9. The only time a rat or bug is ok in a restaurant!



10. We think we’d prefer the walking turnip…


11. Right at home!



12. Recharging is certainly a must! Literally & figuratively.  


13. 😀



14. Gotcha! // The Office, Beirut



15. Our DC team is pretty lucky with their working arrangement. 


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