4 Tips for the Best Halloween Themed Dinner Party

A dinner party is a perfect way to celebrate Halloween sophisticatedly, and we are giving you the best 4 tips for throwing a Halloween themed dinner party.  The times of Halloween parties have moved on and we are certainly too old for trick-or-treating.  Impress your friends by throwing a dinner party Halloween style, find out everything you need to know to throw the best dinner party below:

4 Tips for the Best Halloween Themed Dinner Party

4 Tips for the Best Halloween Themed Dinner Party

Tip 1: Set a dress code

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Dressing up never goes out of date and it’s always fun, make sure your guests know that fancy dress is obligatory.  Consider setting one kind of fancy dress to get a theme going such as everyone dressing as a zombie.  If you have the same character to dress as people will start getting competitive with each other and the costumes will become very inventive as to how to be the scariest zombie, you’ll have some cheer-leading zombies and others that look like they have just come out of the ground.  With Halloween costumes the scarier the better.  

Tip 2: Get the food right

Make pumpkin the main theme of the food, look up recipes for pumpkin pie here, perfect for dessert or pumpkin soup here, which is perfect as a starter.  Make bananas that look like ghosts and oranges that look like pumpkins.  Decorate cakes in spider webs and make brownies like tombstones.  There are many different Halloween themed foods, and the more the decorations the better, more is definitely more when it comes to Halloween.  There are many places that sell edible decorations perfect for Halloween.

Tip 3: Don’t Cook

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There’s nothing worse than putting hours of planning and preparation to waste by spending the whole night in the kitchen and not with your guests.  Hire one of our London Chefs, Dubai Chefs, Beirut Chefs or Washington DC Chefs to create a scary feast for you.  They will bring any idea you have into reality, meaning that you can sit down and relax with your friends, while the Chef does the shopping, cooking and cleaning up.  You can even request that he wears fancy dress too!  Who doesn’t want their food cooked by a zombie Chef?

Tip 4: Decorate your home

Go crazy with home decorations, carve pumpkins into all sorts of demon faces, you can even make them look like spiders by attaching black pipe cleaners to the top.  Put cotton wool up to look like spider webs, put up glow in the dark skeletons, stuff sheets to look like ghosts, make birds and skulls out of black card and hang them from the ceiling.  Use the food as the centre piece of the decorations and use candles as the only source of light to set a dark mood.  The aim is to make your home unrecognisable by the time you are finished with the decorations.  

By following these tips you should have the best Halloween themed party dinner party, one that your friends will talk about for years to come.  Let us know how you are planning to spend your Halloween in the comments below.