5 Ideas on How to Set your Table From a Private Chef

Setting a nice table requires a bit of research sometimes. That’s why we have gathered good ideas from one of our Private Chefs, Chef Rima who became passionate about cooking when, without noticing it, she got caught in this colourful and sweet-smelling world that is the Kitchen. 

The top 5 ideas on how to set your table by Chef Rima in Beirut:


1. Decide on a theme.

It could simply be based on a colour tone or more imaginatively on nature like flowers, fruits & vegetables, or even on the beach or the forest



2. Furnish your table accordingly.

Adding floral bouquets, lemons & cherry tomatoes, sand or leaves for the autumn season.  

how to set an autumn themed dinner party table


3. Coordinate the colours.

Staying classy by mixing beiges and whites, or adding a touch of creativity and dare flashy tones like reds or oranges.

dinner party tables setting

Credit: FreeImages.com/Felipe Prado. 


4. Choose between table mats and a tablecloth.

Keeping it casual with the mats or going more “chic” with the bigger cover.  


5. Position the napkins.

Can either be placed on the plate or next to the plate and usually on the left hand side. 


You now have some great ideas for stylish table settings. You just need to book a Private Chef in Beirut to throw this perfect dinner party!