5 Best Elegant Dinner Party Menu Ideas From Top Private Chefs

Some occasions are so special that a classic dinner party simply won’t do. If you are celebrating an engagement or an anniversary we have the most elegant dinner party menu ideas that will make your evening unforgettable.

5 Best Elegant Dinner Party Menu Ideas From Top Private Chefs

If you are throwing a party for a particular occasion or for very demanding guests, it is often harder than throwing a casual dinner for friends. To arrange a more festive atmosphere you can use simple tricks like decorating. To create a more elegant atmosphere keep it simple. Make sure that you have some nice candles on the table and a flower vase in the room. Set the table with a matching tableware and cutlery. Less is more!

5 Best Elegant Dinner Party Menu Ideas From Top Private Chefs

Summer Menu

prawn tuna lamb rack banana dessert

  • First Course: Tomato, orange, and prawn

  • Second Course: Camomile, tuna with strawberry gazpacho

  • Third Course: Lamb rack, black olives, cauliflower and lavender

  • Fourth Course: Banana, caramel, and chocolate

This elegant dinner party menu is an absolute must have! It’s an amazing combination of flavors that is also light and perfect for a hot summer evening. A combination of seafood in the entrees and a juicy lamb rack for the main course will knock your guests out. This special menu is a courtesy of our amazing Chef Daniel.

Effortless elegance 

asparagus fishchocolate cake

  • First Course: Prosciutto wrapped asparagus

  • Second Course: Red snapper

  • Third Course: Raspberry chocolate cheesecake

A lovely 3-course menu that is elegant and effortless. Surprisingly this menu is not very time consuming to make. It is also a great menu when you want a smaller and lighter dinner. Red snapper will be the star of your evening and will leave your guests with just enough space in their stomachs for a delicious dessert.

Peruvian-Italian Love

nikkei pastasaladparfiat

  • First Course: Basil tuna Nikkei

  • Second Course: Pappardelle with pistachios and lime

  • Third Course: Rocket salad with piennolo tomatoes, roasted pinenuts and raspberry vinaigrette

  • Fourth Course: Strawberries, yogurt parfait, basil and macadamia nuts

This exquisite menu brought to you by Chef Andrea is an amazing experience for your taste buds. Be prepared to go on a culinary journey travelling around the world and experiencing one of the most delicious dinners of your life. Once you try Chefs Andra’s cooking you will want to keep him forever.

Fancy experience

rocket salad pumpkin risotto beef lemon tart

  • First Course: Rocket salad

  • Second Course: Pumpkin risotto 

  • Third Course: Australian beef fillet

  • Fourth Course: Lemon tart

This lovely and elegant dinner party menu is a great choice if you want to have a long evening with great food and wine. Chef Gege will bring you the best quality food and you can sit and relax with your guests. Try his extraordinary pumpkin risotto. With this menu, you will have the best evening!

3-Course fancy

galletes fish eaton mess

  • First Course: Roasted vegetable gallette

  • Second Course: Pan fried cod

  • Third Course: Eton mess

We end with this elegant dinner party menu.  It’s a 3-course menu created by Chef Mario which is simply heavenly! It’s a perfect dinner for a summer get together with lovely roasted veggies and delicious cod. You will finish your dinner with a British classic: Eton mess, with a few extra surprising ingredients that are the Chef’s secret.

If you need more inspiration on what to serve to your guests at your next party, have a look at our Dinner Party section, it is full of amazing menu’s that you can serve to your guests. If you’re curious about more elegant menu options, check out our Private Chef’s profiles to see what Michelin star chefs can propose.