5 Best Lunch Party Menu Ideas: Luncheon Menu For All Occasions

It is a great pleasure to make lunch a more festive meal and plan a small gathering of your closest friends or even a party! We are so often rushing through the week that we do not spend enough time on planning our lunches. If you are struggling to plan a social tête-à-tête because all your evenings and weekends are booked, organize a lunch party instead. We have lovely, quick and delicious lunch party menu ideas that you will love to try.

5 Best Lunch Party Menu Ideas: Luncheon Menu For All Occasions

If you are struggling to plan a lunch meeting or party, there are few simple ways to make it easier for yourself. One thing that you can do is to prepare the food in advance and when your guests arrive you just have to do the final finishing touches. Another great idea to throw a more relaxed party than a dinner party is to plan it on a bank holiday or a weekend. You will not have to rush, or worry that someone will not be able to make it.

Another opportunity to have a great party, without having to worry is to hire a Private Chef to do all the work for you. That way you don’t have to spend any of your extra time on planning, doing groceries or any other tedious chores connected with throwing a  party. You can simply come to your own party as if you were a guest and enjoy the most delicious food. 

5 Best Lunch Party Menu Ideas: Luncheon Menu For All Occasions

Lunch in Cannes

french lunch

Those delicious dishes straight from sunny French Riviera will take you into the relaxed atmosphere of the Mediterranean. Enjoy the fresh and slightly spicy seafood in your soup and follow that a delicious and healthy salad. This lunch party menu idea screams for some amazing white wine to go with it.

Lake district weekend

english lunch

  • Butternut squash soup

  • Prosciutto and roasted peppers baguettes 

A mouth-watering lunch choice that is easy to make and that everyone will love. If you want to try a new take on your butternut squash soup, try it with a cinnamon and chilli seasoning. 

Tokyo hustle

Japanese lunch

  • Miso soup

  • Assortment of nigiri and California rolls

A lovely Japanese style lunch had to be part of this lunch party menu ideas list. This has become a classic for a lot of people and there is no reason why you could not take it to the next level and serve it in a more formal setting. The key to the success is to use fresh ingredients!

Welcome to Ha Noi

vietnamese lunch

  • Fresh spring rolls

  • Chicken stir fry with snow peas

Another Asian inspired menu, that will make your lunch party a great success. You could make it a very entertaining event if you showed your guests how to prepare the fresh spring rolls. They are one of the easiest dishes to prepare and quite fun to make. Just prepare the ingredients and engage your guests in cooking. If you have some guests who do not know each other this could be a fun ice-breaking activity.

Roman holidays 

Italian lunch

  • Minestrone

  • Pesto pasta

We end our lunch party menu ideas with Italian delicacies. Minestrone is a delicious soup that will warm your guests up on a rainy day. If you think that pesto is too casual to serve at a party have a second thought about it. A home-made pesto is one of the most amazing Italian dishes. If you can gather the best quality ingredients: olive oil, parmesan, pine nuts and basil, this sauce will surely become your favourite!

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