5 Best Summer BBQ Party Ideas For Hot Summer Days

The bbq season is around the corner and we are all waiting impatiently to start chilling with a beer in hand and a delicious grilled meat on the plate. We all have had our fair shares of BBQ parties and sometimes it is nice to change few things up and add something extra to make our guests even more excited for the lovely, sunny afternoon. We have 5 summer BBQ party ideas that you will love to try out this year.

5 Best Summer BBQ Party Ideas For Hot Summer Days

If you have you birthday in the summer, summer BBQ birthday party can be a great idea. It is easy to prepare and everyone feels more relaxed than in the more conservative, seated dinner. When you plan a birthday BBQ party the easiest way to set everything up is to marinade all the food that will go on the grill in advance and prepare drinks in the fridge. The rest of the preparations are easy and will not take much time later on.

5 Best Summer BBQ Party Ideas For Hot Summer Days

  • Write menu on plyboard


This is a really nice touch and your guests will feel a bit more spoiled. If you have a bigger blackboard write things on and put it in front of the house entrance or somewhere near the tables. You can leave some space on the bottom of the board so your guests can write some things as well. It will get people engaged and relaxed and will look awesome. 

  • Make watermelon keg


Our second summer BBQ party idea is to serve watermelon smoothie. It is one of the nicest summer drinks. You can make it look and taste even more amazing if you serve it straight from the melon. Make a hole that will fit a tap and allow people to pour the smoothie. Voila, the refreshments are set!

  • Use natural mosquito repellent 


Bugs and mosquitoes are the biggest problems in the summer so to make the atmosphere nicer and hang mosquito repelling scents around the eating area. One of the most effective natural ways to battle mosquitos is to use lemongrass. It smells divine and really works. So instead of suffocating aerosols try a natural way.

  • Grill something different 


The most important thing is of course food! The good old sausages or chickens are always welcome but there are so many more delicious things that you can serve from the BBQ. If you want to stick to the classics try them in a different marinade. For example try Asian style, spicy siracha sauce chicken wings instead of boring chicken breasts. Put some veggies on the grill as well. It doesn’t have to be only corn. Try mixes like eggplants, zucchini, and peppers. A great alternative to meat is also seafood. If you don’t think that your BBQ skills are that great ask one of our Private Chefs to prepare a delicious and special BBQ menu for you and your friends!

  • Make an ice pit to keep things cool

ice bucket

Last in our summer BBQ party ideas series is an ice bucket.  A lot of ice is the first step to success in the summer heat. Find a big container – even a kitty pool will be a great idea and put all the cold foods and drinks in there. Beers will look super cool in a metal bucket if you have one. Generally, none of the cold foods will get spoilt and you don’t have to keep running to the fridge.

Are you looking for more summer party inspirations? Have a look at our 5 Summer Dinner Party Menu Ideas: 5 Cool Menus To Impress Your Dinner Guests. If you are still not sure about what you should serve, have a look what our exquisite Private Chefs are cooking.