5 Delicious Easter Breakfast Ideas: Perfect Breakfast Menu For Easter Sunday

Every holiday has its rights and traditions. On Christmas, we celebrate with parties and a big roast dinner. On Halloween, we stuff ourselves with candy and on Easter, we celebrate with a big breakfast. We have 5 delicious Easter breakfast ideas that you will love to eat on Easter Sunday!

Easter breakfast ideas

If you are already planning ahead how you will spend this Easter season then start with planning Easter Sunday morning. Having a fun activity that day will make the whole Easter much more exciting. I recommend starting with a delicious breakfast. You can choose one of the great menus that our Private Chefs have prepared for you, or you can make a big mix and match buffet. After you have had your breakfast feast, you can organize an egg hunt. Whether you are young or older, finding chocolate eggs will be a lot of fun. A nice way to spend the rest of the day will be going on a long walk or even a hike. You will burn off the excess calories and spend some time in the fresh air. Creme de la creme of the Easter activities!

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5 Delicious Easter Breakfast Ideas: Perfect Breakfast Menu For Easter Sunday

Parisian breakfast

Parisian breakfast

  • Asparagus in crepes

  • Fresh orange juice 

The first of our Easter breakfast ideas is a delicious option if you are a fan of savory breakfast but you want a bit of variation from the casual eggs. Crepes are a great breakfast food and if you choose to eat them with the seasonal treat: asparagus, it will make an amazing beginning of the day. 

Creamy breakfast


  • Salmon and cream cheese bagel

  • Americano 

Who doesn’t love bagels? On a day to day basis, we all probably try not to overdo this delicious carb bomb, but holidays are a treat time. Have the classic combo of your favorite freshly baked bagels with cream cheese and some smoked salmon. 

Spicy  breakfast


  • Shakshouka

  • Flat white 

If you don’t know this delicious egg dish now is the time to get to know it. Shakshouka is a delicious hot breakfast made from tomatoes, onions, pepper and spices. Once you try this, I am sure it will stay in your weekly routine, because it is simply delicious. 

English breakfast

English breakfast

  • Full English Breakfast 

  • English breakfast tea with milk 

For our next Easter breakfast ideas we have a classic, the English breakfast. And it can be just delicious! In my opinion, the key to success, in this case, are the best ingredients. Go the extra mile and make sure you have the nicest sausages and bacon from the local butcher and a delicious freshly baked bread. It is also a good idea to make home-made baked beans. It is easier than you think to prepare and you will not regret a few more minutes spent on preparations. 

Berry breakfast 

berry breakfast

  • Greek yogurt with granola and strawberries 

  • Blueberry smoothie 

We end our Easter breakfast ideas with a healthy berry breakfast, for those of you who do not want to abandon their healthy diet just because it is the holiday season. Try making your own granola if you have some spare time. It is a healthy but tasty breakfast option.

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