5 Gift Ideas for Foodies Who Love to Cook!

I have always been that friend who likes to give gifts on every occasion: birthday, christmas, graduation, farewell, you name it! Picking the right gift is never easy, you need to know exactly what that person needs and likes. Once you’ve gotten that right, picking the right thing is easy. I also like receiving gifts, I mean who doesn’t right?

I am a foodie and I love to cook; there are a lot of gift options for people like me. Here are some of my favorite items that I like to gift to my foodie friends!

1- Immersion (Hand) Blender

This immersion makes a great gift, especially for people who like to cook and are busy. They are perfect for making soups, smoothies, baby food and milkshakes. For busy people and working mothers, this blender is key to making healthy food–on the go! The whisk is great for making omelets, quick morning muffins or pancakes, and for making homemade mayonnaise.

Immersion Blender Gifts


2- Cheese Boards & Cheese Tools

This gift is great for cheese lovers and even wine lovers because wine and cheese always together!  It could also be perfect for outdoor picnics. Cheese, charcuterie, crackers, olives, bread and grapes would be great to be used on this gift. Not to mention that it’s also a bit sophisticated.

Cheese tools gifts

3- Measuring Cups & Spoons

This item is golden! They can be used for cooking or/and baking. Six years ago I received my first measuring spoons as a gift from a close friend– I still have them and take them everywhere I move to. In recipes, especially baking, getting the right measurement is very important for the consistency and ultimate quality of what you are creating! It’s also very great for showcasing your culinary skills.


Measuring spoons gifts


4- Belgian Waffle Maker

Say no more! Who wouldn’t love some Belgian Waffles for breakfast in the morning? Or anytime of the day to be honest! This maker is great for brunch gatherings with friends and family. Sadly, I don’t have one–yet! It’s definitely on my wish list! The great thing about waffles is that you can save up the batter for up to 3 days and whenever you feel like it, you can easily make a delicious treat. You can have it savory with eggs and vegetables on the side or on the sweeter side with Nutella, fruit and ice cream!

Waffle Maker gifts

5- Vegetable Spiralizer

This item is one of my favorites, especially when I am on a healthy kick! Forget about normal, carb-filled pasta and enjoy some delicious vegetable pasta! It is also very useful for fresh summer salads. It’s easy and quick to make your salad or pasta. Vegan and gluten-free food lovers especially appreciate this gift!


Spiralizer Vegetable gifts


There you go, these are 5 of my favorite items as a foodie who LOVES to cook. What are yours? Please report back to us! If you are a foodie who doesn’t like to cook, stay put as I will list my favorite items in the next blog post. If you are already craving some delicious treats, make sure to book one of our chefs to come and cook for you at your home!