5 Perfect Summer Corn Recipes

Who doesn’t love corn? Yellow, sweet, purple… popped? As we’re wrapping up the summer, we’ve curated a list of delicious corn recipes for you to try while the corn is fresh and in abundance at your favorite local market. Pureed, grilled, popped–we’ve got it all!

As an appetizer or side

Chilled Corn Soup with Lobster Salad

Corn Recipes

Photo credit: Bon Appetit

On a blazing hot summer’s day, one can’t go wrong with a nicely chilled soup. You may be tempted to simply throw your corn on the grill or in hot water to get your corn fix, but you absolutely won’t regret trying this refreshing corn soup recipe. It takes a bit of time to prepare, but it’s worth it!

Spicy Hoisin Sesame Glazed Corn

Corn Recipes

Photo by Thomas J. Story; written by Amy Machnak

If you love Asian flavors and a kick of heat, this corn is for you. Hoisin and soy sauce are balanced with honey and lime juice to create this savory Asian-inspired corn recipe.  Find the recipe here

Grilled Corn with Queso Fresco and Lime-Tarragon Butter

Corn Recipes

Photo credit: Food & Wine

This recipe is based on typical street food in Oaxaca, Mexico, where the recipe author once lived. Check out the recipe on Food & Wine here.

As dessert

Caramel Corn with Bacon

Corn Recipes

Corn isn’t just for appetizers and entrees. Need a sweet treat to snack on for movie night? Try this amazing caramel corn bacon recipe

As a drink

Chicha Morada

Corn Recipes

Photo credit: Girl Cooks World

If you haven’t ever had Chicha Morada, you’re sorely missing out on a delicious Peruvian beverage. Perfect for the summer (or any other time of year IMHO). Try out Girl Cooks World’s delicious recipe here

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