5 Private Chef Tips on Stylish Entertaining

5 Tips from a top London Private Chef on how to entertain in style.  She takes us through our biggest worries when we are entertaining at our homes and tells us what to do and how to achieve a dinner party that won’t be forgotten.  She talks us through how to decorate our home, how to deal with non-matching crockery, what drinks to serve, how to set the mood and most importantly how to enjoy ourselves.

#1: Home Decoration – Leave it as it is


Leave your home as it is, don’t spend hours changing your furniture and hiding your possessions.  You want your home to reflect who you are, the people attending want to recognise the house as yours, not feel like they are in a museum and they can’t touch anything.  They want to see the little trinkets you keep, the drawings done by family members and photos you have up as they all mean something to you and it will be a conversation point to your guests.  They will be interested as to how you acquired them and why they are important to you.  But if you are a messy one, it’s a good idea to have a clean and a tidy up.  

#2: Table Settings – Don’t Stress mix and match

Everything on the table doesn’t have to match including the crockery.  Mix and match your place settings, it gives more of a homely feel.  Don’t feel that because you only have 5 matching plates and the dinner is for 6 that you need to purchase a new matching set, get an odd plate out, the glasses don’t have to be from the same set either. It’s fashionable now to not have matching things and use objects in a way that wasn’t their primary purpose.  Have you seen how many people drink cocktails out of jam jars?  This is one of the tips it took me a long time to accept and when Bon Bppétit wrote about it here I just had to include it in my tips. 

#3: Drinks – Mix it up


Drinks are often underestimated or forgotten when putting together a dinner party, due to the large task of the food, but drinks are very important.  It’s what you welcome your guests with, and the first impression they will have.  Many people go to the shops, buy a couple of bottles of wine or some beer.  Now that the pressure of cooking is taken off, due to your private Chef, you have plenty more time for the drinks, or the Chefs can bring a bartender with them too.  Consider cocktails; they are great aperitifs and look fancy, they can also be pre-made and stored in the fridge until needed, read a 101 on pre-making cocktails here.  Ask your Chef for a recommendation for wines that go with the food, or ask the Chef to bring them too.  Ensure you stack up on the soft drinks, for those driving, have still and sparkling water, fresh juices and cordials.

 #4: Set the Mood – Use music and flowers

Vinyl Record

If you’re going for a seductive dinner party with low lighting put some candles on the table.  If you’re going for a summer themed party inside decorate the table and area with flowers and plants, more is definitely more.  When your guests arrive have some music playing in the background to set the atmosphere.  Take the time to consider what mood you want and then do a couple of google searches to give you some ideas.  If you want to set a full theme for the dinner party have a read of our blog post on Top Five Dinner Party Themes for some inspiration.

#5: Plan Ahead – Don’t forget about yourself

Dinner Party

It’s easy to spend the whole night worrying about other people and forgetting to enjoy yourself, remember the night is about you enjoying yourself just as much as everyone else.  To make sure you enjoy yourself do the necessary preparation, plan your theme ahead so you have a vision as to what you want your room to look like.  Book your Chef so it lessens the pressure of cooking, view our range of Chefs here.  Buy your drinks and make them beforehand, so all you have to worry about is getting yourself ready and everything else will fall into place.  Spending a good couple of hours doing the necessary preparation will make the evening flow effortlessly.


Now go and plan your next soirée!  Let us know how your recent dinner parties have gone below in the comments.  Or ask us any questions you have about throwing the perfect dinner party.