5 Reasons to Start Juicing Right Now!

It’s summertime and many people are still hoping to drop a few pounds that were gained during the cold winter. Many of you will try new diets, detoxing or eating styles– there are so many to choose from like the Paleo diet! However, something that I have been hearing a lot about is juicing, even my gym has a juicing program where you commit to a few days of juicing and they deliver the juice to your front door! What is juicing and why are people doing it?

First things first:  What’s juicing?

Basically, juicing is getting the juice from the whole fruit or vegetable. Combining them and mixing them together will get you the best health benefits. I recommend buying organic. 



Benefits of Juicing:

1- Getting your daily dose of fruits and veggies:

Fruits and vegetables are PACKED with good vitamins. Generally, we don’t reach our recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables that we need. That’s where juicing comes into place. You can mix different types of veggies and fruits to fulfill you nutritional requirements.



2- Nutrients are easily absorbed

Drinking fruit and vegetable gets all of those vitamins, minerals, and enzymes straight to your blood! It helps your body absorb it really quickly. Imagine getting a shot of deliciousness, but one that actually tastes really good!


3- Great way to use old produce

Super ripe vegetables and fruits may not be perfect for eating; however, they would be amazing for juicing! As we are in the midst of a world food crisis, food waste is one of the worst things anyone could do. Thus, making use of those old vegetables and fruits is good for your health and the environment as well!



4- Boost your immune system and increase energy

Raw juice contains plenty of biophotonic light energy which helps recharge your body and boost the immune system. The nutrients and good sugar that you get from fruits and veggies will make balance your pH level and make you feel energized. This allows your body to utilize this energy immediately.


5- Weight loss

Studies have shown that drinking vegetable juice as part of one’s diet is 4 times more effective for weight loss than the same diet without juicing. Drinking vegetables also increases levels of vitamin C and potassium and decrease carbs intake, as they make you full.

Arugula Pesto


Are you convinced? Because I am!  Don’t have the time to deal with the hassle of preparation and figuring out what to juice and when? Our chefs are here for you! They will do all of the work and you just have to relax and enjoy your juice, book them here and now!