5 Ways Hiring a Chef can give you Less Wrinkles

Everybody loves parties. But hosting and planning a memorable event requires a lot of time and effort; there are so many decisions to be made and so many things can go wrong. But don’t worry. There is a solution. Hiring a Private Chef can take away a lot of the stress. All the washing up is taken care of, you are assured to be served the best-sourced ingredients and all the dietary requirements of you and your guests are taken into consideration. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the logistics of booking a restaurant that matches the theme of your event. Read more to find out 5 ways hiring a chef can give you less wrinkles!

1. Sinking plates…

washing dishes

Hiring a private chef to cater your event ensures that your kitchen remains spick and span

One of the main reasons why we often book restaurants and seldom host events at home is the mess. The last thing you would want to do after an amazing event is to clean up! Your kitchen is in a mess and the dishes stare at you from the suffocating sink. But hiring a Private Chef to cater your event ensures that your kitchen remains spick and span and your dishes are put back where they need to be. 

2. You deserve nothing but the best

Caramel custard

You just know when your food is cooked with love with the best-sourced ingredients. It is heaven on a plate. Unfortunately, this is often not in your control at a restaurant- the dishes tend to look better than they taste. However, hiring a Private Chef ensures that all the ingredients are fresh and are sourced carefully to match your needs. What’s more, your Personal Chef can choose and pair the perfect alcohol to complement your meal. 

3. It is all about you, you and you. 

Themed Dinning table

First of all, it is already difficult to come up with a theme for your event. The misery is added by the need to find an appropriate restaurant that matches your theme. You then have to bear in mind the special dietary requirements and preferences of your guests. This process can turn out to be quite stressful. But, if you hire a Personal Chef to cater for your event, you are not only assured special personalised attention to all the dietary requirements of you and your guests but the theme of your event can be executed without hassle.  

4. Who doesn’t like attention?


Although buffets are easy to organise, it can sometimes get awkward when you have to constantly excuse yourself from the dining table to get more food on your plate. There is nothing like sitting on a table with all your loved ones and having delicious food served to you. Your Private Chef will serve all your food like a waiter or they can provide a waiter too who will do exactly this for you; there will be no interruptions when you are enjoying your brilliant night with your family or friends. 

5. Convenience. It is not a nuisance.  

Dinner at home

It is often difficult to book venues that not only serves the cuisine of your choice but also has enough room to accommodate all your guests. Logistics can get quite messy. However, if you book a Private Chef, you can have the event planned at the comfort of your own house! You don’t have to go through the hassle of booking a venue and taking care of other logistics that comes with it.

Getting a Private Chef to help you cater your event can surely make it hassle-free, unique and unforgettable. If you are looking for private chefs to hire in London, check out ChefXChange website. Whether it is a lazy Sunday brunch or a formal corporate canape event, we have amazing chefs to cater to all your needs.

Do you you any other ideas on ways in which hiring a chef can give you less wrinkles? Do tell us.