50 Shades of…

So you opened it because the title intrigued you huh? Ah, you dirty minded you! Now now, I know what you’re thinking, how can a title involve 50 shades and not have anything to do with that sexy, and dreamy Christian Grey? Well, that’s because I was a little bit more interested in the food. 

I must confess, I’ve read the books and watched the movie! But unlike most people, the thing that caught my attention the most was not what most of you are thinking. We all thought Anastasia Steele was all shaky-legged, and drooling over Christian Grey. However, when he included a clause stipulating that he can control what she eats, and when she eats it, she put her foot down. You go girl. You may take away my freedom, but you may not take away my right to eat whatever I want, whenever I want it 😛 Yes, my relationship with food IS that important.

fifty shades of grey

So I must admit, after reading the book, I paid careful attention to Ana’s food intake during the movie. I then decided to share with you some of the things she eats, or perhaps more accurately, doesn’t eat, during the movie. Poor thing never had the chance to go through a whole meal without some form of interruption. Some better than others, if you know what I mean 😉

What I noticed was that Ana’s food choices were quite peculiar, to say the least. Or maybe just unfulfilling!

  • Remember at the start when she first meets the famous Christian Grey? Her food intake was comprised of a pencil. Yes, I will for sure consider that a meal since it wasn’t the only time she does it. Or maybe that was her way of flirting with him? She can use a few pointers!
  • What about when she was sitting at home with her best friend Kate? She had a bite of chicken salad, and an attempted sandwich. But that was snatched right from underneath her by Kate. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t share food!
  • We all remember her outing with Christian when they went for coffee. She had a tea which was barely touched, and a muffin that went to waste! Sharing is caring Ana. Next time, why not give it to me?
  • Don’t get me started on the number of times she’s had wine. When she chugged it down at the apartment? Or when she enjoys it in Christians oh so pretty penthouse? The amount is countless.
  • How about her morning breakfast of pancakes at Christians? I wasn’t too sure about those pancakes, though, since she doesn’t really touch them. In fact, as I recall, she gets eaten up herself!
  • The number of times she left food untouched is beyond me. She left a perfectly beautiful plate of sushi just sitting there on the counter! Why? Who does that?!
  • At least we do see her have a spoon of Gazpacho at her mom’s place! I guess even her mother couldn’t get her to eat more than that.
  • After all that, I guess Christian does control what she eats, and when she eats it! Can someone please get this girl a pizza, with a side of garlic bread, please? Maybe some chicken wings as well.

Yum, I just got myself hungry! I’ll go take a look at our list of chefs here and see what I’ll be having tonight!