50th Birthday Party Ideas: 10 Best Ideas (Free $25 ChefXChange Credit)!

When your loved one is having the 50th birthday it’s hard not to panic about the gift it’s half a century after all! When my parents were turning 50, I was so anxious about giving them something memorable for the occasion that I couldn’t sleep for weeks. Why is it so much harder? Because you have to show the love and care for the person on that very special day. Buying something, even something that they potentially want is just not enough anymore. Plus, what I found the hardest is that by 50 one pretty much has everything that they could ever want so conventional gifts may just not cut it. Since memories are worth much more than things, throwing a party is always a safe bet, regardless of any other gifts you may come up with in the meantime. We have some great propositions for the best 50th birthday party ideas, that your birthday boy or girl will love and remember until their 100th!

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50th Birthday Party Ideas: The Third Idea Is Our Favourite. (Free $25 ChefXChange Credit Included)

50th Birthday Party Ideas For Husband

Tea Party Cake

1. Surprise him with his favorite dish and invite his best friends in party
2. Send him a cake to his office 

When food and friends are involved you can never be wrong. Pick your husband’s favorite dish and invite his closest friends over to share this moment over a glass of wine. Number two is especially great if your husband has a great team at work. He will enjoy something delicious in the company of his favorite coworkers and you can pop by the office for a bite as well!

50th Birthday Party Ideas For Wife


3. Organize cocktails and canapes with few of her best friends
4. Hire a private chef for dinner and cake

Your wife’s birthday should be the time for her to enjoy herself, you can help her relax by inviting few of her best friends for drinks and canapes. She will love your effort and enjoy the afternoon! If you want to spend a romantic evening with your wife on her 50th, hire a Private Chef to make the most delicious dinner and cake for you in your own house. 

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50th Birthday Party Ideas For Mom

Making sushi

5. Organize sushi making cooking classes at home, she would love it.
6. Dinner and her favorite movie

Does your mom love sushi? Invite our Chef Marco to your home to teach your mom how to make it! She will be glad to learn a new skill and you will have the best ever sushi feast. You can also take your mom on a trip down the memory lane and have a movie night with her favorite film when she was in her 20’s. Dinner will go well with the popcorn entree.

50th Birthday Party Ideas For Dad


7. Hire a private chef for brunch, design menu with his favorite dishes
8. Create video with his pics from when he was born to today’s date

Surprise your dad with a weekend brunch of his choice. Instead of spending hours in the kitchen, leave it to the professionals. and enjoy few mimosas in celebration of your dad’s birthday. Another idea that will move even the toughest dad to the core is combining his photos from all the years of his life either into a printed album or a video.

50th Birthday Party Ideas For Best Friend

ice cream

9. Party back to the teens – organize party with teen theme
10. Get his/her favorite giant ice cream basket

Is it your best friend’s birthday? Take them on a crazy night out into your teenage years. Organize a party with a theme and take your friend back into your crazy youth. For the friends that are not the party crowd a visit with a big tub of ice cream and bunch of stories to tell.

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