6 Things You Didn’t Know a Private Chef Could Do For You

Booking a Private Chef to come and cook for you at home is, I am sure, something we have ALL dreamed of more than once in our lifetime. What if you knew that beyond that, a Private Chef could do many more for you? Discover 6 things you didn’t know a Private Chef could do for you. 

Imagine this incredible job that embraces feelings and emotions with travel and discoveries all brighten up with freedom. Powerful you would say! Well yes, this is THE Private Chef’s job description. Fabulous isn’t it? 

tips from private chef

Thanks to all the criteria that this amazing job includes, Private Chefs have the ability to make you escape from your daily routine. Starting by: 

  1. Helping you select premium quality food by taking you to the best places for your grocery shopping. Then teach you why this step is not negligible to the cooking process. “A matter of flavours” they say !
  2. Share some cooking tips, as for exemple adding a bit of sugar in your home made tomato sauce to reduce its acidity taste, or showing you how to well integrate and combine the right herbs into your meals. 
  3. Show you how to cut an onion.. without the tears. 
  4. Teach you how to sharpen your knives. This is a fundamental step as “the smoother the cut, the greater the taste”.
  5. Make you travel while inhaling the different smells coming from the spices they have gathered during their trips and incorporated in their own dishes. From Asia with its curries, to South America with its jalapeños. And last but not least..
  6. Clean your entire kitchen, leaving it brighter as it had never been before. 

Not bad huh? And this is only the tip of the iceberg.. Discover some more here with our Top Private Chefs !

Fasten your seatbelt, and Bon Voyage !