7 Easy Diet Swaps

A few dietary swaps and sacrifices can make the whole difference. Substituting unhealthy everyday essentials with healthier alternatives isn’t always hard. By making small changes such as swapping all ‘whites’  for ‘browns’  or ice creams and chocolates for yogurt and dates can transform your body and mind without actually putting in gruelling hours of effort. 


#1.  A little yogurt won’t hurt- swap ice cream with yogurt

Easy Diet Swaps: Yogurt and Fruits

Save hundreds of calories while still fulfilling your cold cream craving. Swap sugar-rich ice creams with low-fat natural Greek yogurt topped with fruit and granola.

#2.  Brown is the new cool in town- swap white food with brown

Easy Diet Swaps: Whole Grain Brown Bread

Swap white bread with brown bread. Whole grains lower bad cholesterol and  are rich in fiber. They regulate blood sugar levels and make you feel full faster. Unlike white flour, whole grains are rich in vitamins and minerals.  Opt for whole grain pizzas and pasta. Similarly, swap white rice with brown rice. It tastes the same and is a lot healthier!

#3. I want to O-Live longer- swap refined oil with olive oil

Easy Diet Swaps: Olive Oil
Reduce butter and margarine that are high in saturated fat. They not only add inches to your waist but also increase the risk of chronic and cardio-vascular diseases like cholesterol and obesity. Instead, substitute it with virgin olive oil. Olive oil increases the good cholesterol in the body and is rich in omega acids; it has numerous good effects on the heart too.

#4. Honey will save you money- swap sugar with honey

Easy Diet Swaps: Honey


Cut down on the sugar in your cereals and teas and coffees by swapping sugar with honey. The only thing sugar adds to the body is inches; it has no nutritional value. Moreover, it increases the risk of chronic diseases, makes you lethargic and crave more sugar. It is almost addictive.  On the other hand, honey is a great natural substitute that boosts energy, helps stabilise sleep patterns, enhances memory and aids allergies and coughs.

#5. Have a date, change your fate–swap chocolates with dates

Easy Diet Swaps: Dates and desserts made with dates

Dates are a good source of minerals, vitamins and fibre. The best part about it is that they are extremely sweet and, therefore, can be used to make delicious desserts. They are an instant source of energy to your body. Next time you crave for a piece of chocolate, try dates.

#6. Go dark; add a bit of spark- swap milk chocolate for dark chocolate

Easy Diet Swaps:Dark chocolate

If  chocolate is your weakness and you just cannot do without it, opt for dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. It has less added sugar and is also rich in antioxidants.

#7. Go green and become lean- swap tea for green tea

Easy Diet Swaps: Green Tea

If the gloomy London weather makes you constantly long for something warm to sip, make yourself green tea instead of English breakfast or earl grey. Green tea is popular for its numerous health benefits and it does not add to your daily calorie count!

They say ‘health is wealth’- why not make these simple changes and become richer? Strategies what you eat; healthy does not have to be unappetizing or boring.

Write to us if you would like us to plan your next meal with healthy yet mouthwatering options that are customised to your preferences and conscious of your needs. Check out the inspiration for healthy meals eating here.