7 Instagram Food Accounts You Need to Follow Now

What’s your favorite pastime? Imagine you’re overloaded at work, and can’t seem to catch a breath. You’re rushing to deliver on time. Then, you finally get a moment for a quick break to sip on your coffee quietly and shut down your brain for a second. What would you do?

If you’re anything like us, you’ll scroll through your Instagram feed to get your fix of beautiful photos.

We all know food makes the best subject for gorgeous pictures. Plus, it satiates your brain if your stomach is growling loudly because you have no time to eat! That’s why we have searched Instagram for the top 7 food accounts everyone should follow.


But first, Coffee


Coffee ‘N Clothes


Coffe 'N Clothes

Instagram – @coffeenclothes


Caffeine junkies, rejoice! Coffee ‘N Clothes is dedicated for those sexy and artistic cups of coffee in stylish and beautiful settings. Ryan Glick started the Instagram account after moving to NYC. In order to discover the Big Apple, he used to go to coffee shops. Fast forward a couple of years, and Ryan has hit the jackpot with more than 200k followers.


Breakfast, the most important meal of the day…




10 instagram food accounts you must follow

Instagram – @ mister_krisp

10 instagram accounts you must follow

Instagram – @ mister_krisp


Jessica Siskin, aka “cereal killer”, is the Roy Lichtenstein of Rice Krispies Treats. Inspired by her fashion background, the internet and emojis, MisterKrisp uses the treats to create colorful and funky pop culture Krispies designs. Believe me, her account is worth a look. Her creations are too good to be eaten!


Symmetry Breakfast


10 instagram accounts you must follow

Instagram – @ symmetrybreakfast


They say symmetry is the key to beauty, and boy do we agree! (Well, there’s also perfect imperfections, but not in this case). In 2013, 30-year-old Michael Zee decided to share his breakfast creations on Instagram. Soon enough, the beautiful pictures gained a huge following, and got their own Instagram account: Symmetry Breakfast. Currently, a single snap can easily get more than 17,000 likes.


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Good Food, Good Mood


Gillie Houston


10 instagram food accounts you must follow

Instagram – @gilliehouston


Do you know which pictures culinary photographers aim for? Gillie Houston’s photos. Gorgeous food, gorgeous settings and a gorgeous atmosphere–all in one gorgeous snap.

Gillie knows her food really well. She is currently an editor at Chery Bombe Magazine and has previously worked with Yahoo Food, Food.com, and Food Network Magazines. As she puts it, “Cooking it, eating it, styling it, photographing it, you name it”, she does it all.


Wright Kitchen


10 Instagram Food Accounts You Need to Follow Now

Instagram – @wrightkitchen

10 Instagram Food Accounts You Need to Follow Now

Instagram – @wrightkitchen


Okay, so you know how artists say they’re inspired by everything around them? That’s the case with Brittany Wright. With nothing but food and a camera, Wright manages to capture the essence of beauty, art, design and architecture.

With no shortage of ideas, the photographer started a photo series, #FoodGradients, displaying food arranged by color. If you are foodie, an artistic person, a color lover, or just a regular human being, believe me, YOU WILL appreciate the photos!


Grilled Cheese Social


10 Instagram Food Accounts You Need to Follow Now

Instagram – grilledcheesesocial

10 Instagram Food Accounts You Need to Follow Now

Instagram – @grilledcheesesocial


A self-proclaimed grilled cheese sandwich lover, MacKenzie has gone to great lengths to convince us of the beauty of sandwiches and cheese (although we didn’t need convincing at all). Currently a sandwich expert at About.com, a chef at Black Dolphin Inn, and co-founder at NSB Bites, the foodie always manages to snap a few finger licking good pictures.


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There’s always room for Dessert!


The Boy Who Bakes


10 Instagram Food Accounts You Need to Follow Now

Instagram – @theboywhobakes


Winner of The Great British Bake Off 2010, Edd Kimber has mastered baking at a young age. His Instagram is filled with what we can only describe as romantic photos of traditional to modern pastry, dessert, and cakes.

If you ever feel down, I strongly advise you to check his account. It will make you feel much better with its soothing colors, or it might make you sadder since you can’t have any of those culinary masterpieces.

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If you know any other Instagram accounts you would like to share, let us know below. 

Till next time!