7 Things I’ve Learned From Private Chefs

You may think that working for a company like ChefXChange entails only indulging in the best of the best food and drink and figuring out the perfect work-life balance so you don’t balloon into an elephant of your former self. That’s surely part of it, but not all. We do get to enjoy a lot of culinary perks. Learning is one of them. Here’s a list of 7 memorable things I’ve learned from our private chefs

7 Things I've Learned From Private Chefs

1. How to debone and fillet a mackerel.


The chef was clear, this deboning method only works for mackerel. The key was swift and calculated knife movement. If you hesitate, you’ll have some pretty ugly fillets.

2. The perfect frites recipe.


There’s some methodology involved. Be sure to file away this recipe

3. How to make (and consequently, occasionally ruin) ravioli from scratch.


When one of our chefs needs a hand, we sometimes step in to help. We got a quick lesson on ravioli. We hadn’t quite gotten it right at this point…

4. You can use salmon as a garnish.

Asparagus Veloute

Not really your first thought when it comes to garnishing a dish, right? Well, this tasty asparagus velouté recipe uses freshly grated frozen smoked salmon as a garnish. 

5. How to properly infuse simple syrup.


While experimenting with infused simple syrups, a chef friend advised me on how to infuse the syrup with herbs and spices. The trick: don’t put the herbs and spices in the syrup while it’s still over heat. Reduce the syrup, remove from your heat source, add in your flavoring, cover and let sit for 1 hour. Fancy a cocktail? Check out these recipes for mulled wine and mojitos

6. The novelty of a galette.


I’ve loved to bake since I was really young. How were galettes not on my radar? Galettes have the perfect ratio of filling to crust and the possibilities are endless! Sweet, savory, try them all!

7. Fanciful food terms. Velouté, callaloo, île flottante, suspiro a la Limeña….

Ok ok, to be fair, fanciful in this case may be synonymous with foreign ? . When you work with chefs of varying specialties you begin to learn their lingo and their craft. Peruvian, Caribbean, French, Middle Eastern, West African… you just have to soak it all up! 

You too, can learn this much and more with our private chefs. Book them in your city for a private dinner, cooking class or event. Need a chef consultation? Reach out to us via our Concierge Page and we’ll point you in the direction of chefs that will be able to answer your query. 

What have you learned from chefs? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.