9 Reasons Why Being A Personal Chef Fast Tracks Your Career

There is no denying that working as a Chef is hard work, so why not fast track your career as a Chef?  There’s a simple way to speed up your career progression and skip the long hours, stressful environment and competing against other Chefs.  The way to do that is to become a Personal Chef with ChefXChange.

Becoming a Personal Chef to some may sound like you have to be the best of the best, but this is no longer true.  There are hundreds of people looking to hire a Personal Chef, whether that be for the night, the week or for another event.  The restaurant industry is being disrupted by the ease of staying at home, and more and more people are opting to hire a Chef for the night rather than go out.  And we can’t blame them when Private Chefs charge on average the same price as a restaurant, buy all the ingredients, prepare and serve the food and do the washing up!

So here begin our 9 reasons why being a Personal Chef can fast track your career as a Chef:

1: No more long hours

Private Chef Laura

Being a Private Chef is completely freelance, you chose the hours you work.  So if you don’t want to work certain days or certain hours that’s fine, if you want to take a holiday then you can take a holiday.  There is no obligation to work!

2: You choose how much you earn

Piggy bank

As well as setting your own hours you also set your own prices.  You create your own menus and charge based on those menus.

3: You can skip culinary school

Private Chef Daniel

We often get asked “how to become a Chef without culinary school” and we answer “it’s easy”!  You don’t need to have formal training to become a Private Chef.  If you have a proven work history you can still sign up as a professional Chef, but we also host Chefs that are amateur and apprentice too, so you don’t need to worry about your experience.

4: Direct interaction with clients

Chef Dima's Tacos

Being a Personal Chef with ChefXChange gives you direct interaction with your clients right from the beginning, you speak with the host about what menu and event they are planning, and on the day of the event you have direct interaction.  It’s a great chance to showcase the real talent you have as well as understand different hosts desires and expand your skills too.  

5: Building your own client base

Personal Chef Reviews

By working as a Personal Chef you begin to build your own client base, they will also refer you to their friends bringing you even more customers.  They leave reviews on your profile too so that others can read about you.  These are real reviews that you can refer people to.

6: Experimentation

Chef making food

There are no guidelines when being a Private Chef with ChefXChange as to what you can offer, often the weirder and wackier menus get more bookings as people love something different!  It’s also a great way to experiment with the talent you have as you decide the menus and you decide the bookings that you take.

7: Other opportunities

Chef serving food

Being a Personal Chef opens up other opportunities, you can move onto consultancy, cooking classes, cooking demonstrations, the opportunities really are endless.

8: Opportunity to travel abroad


People are always dying to take a Chef with them when they go on holiday, and also hosts in other countries are always excited to try a Chef from a different country, so working as Personal Chef can give you the opportunity to travel abroad.

9: Using other skills

Personal Chef Maxime

Working as a Private Chef doesn’t just limit you to dinner parties, there are requests for cooking classes, food trucks, nutritional consultancy, meal plans, live in Chefs and many others.  If you can think of a skill you have there is a demand for it!


The Personal Chef world really is your oyster!  So sign up here today, or send us an email for more information to info@chefxchange.com.


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