A Peek at London Cocktail Week: Freixenet with Ladies and Gentlemen

This week we were lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive pre-event for London Cocktail Week.  The event was a warm-up for Freixenet pairing with Ladies and Gentlemen, to produce a new range of cocktails.  The pairing includes a take-over of the Ladies and Gentlemen bar in Kentish Town on Thursday 8th October and we were selected to be the first to try half of the range.  Unfortunately we could not sample the whole range as the other 3 could not be recreated in the confines of a barge as flames were involved.


Freixenet is a Cava producing company located in Catalan and they have been producing for many centuries and shipping all over the world.  Ladies & Gentlemen is quite the opposite, it is a unique cocktail bar located in a Victorian Toilet in Kentish Town, London.  The bar was set up by a Kentish Town resident, William, who owns Vestal Vodka and also used to live on a barge called the Vestal Voyage, and this is where our evening began.


Fraser the Mastermind behind the cocktails

We met at Granary Square to board the Vestal Voyage where we were greeted by the mastermind behind the cocktails, Fraser from Ladies & Gentlemen, and 3 Ladies from Freixenet.  It was a cosy sojourn along the canal from Kings Cross to Islington and back, with only 8 people attending the event due to the limited space.  

Catalonia Rose Cocktail

The evening began with the first cocktail ‘Catalan Rose’ a combination of Mezcal, red pepper juice, lemon and lime juice all topped up with Freixenet.  This was a heavier drink and those with an acquired taste, mainly due to the Mezcal and red pepper combination, however, no one left their glass unfinished.  

The second cocktail was ‘Twinkle Toes’ a mix of vodka, elderflower cordial, lemon juice and Freixenet.  It was a much lighter fizzier drink that was needed after the first one.  

The final drink of the evening was the ‘Conquistador’ a cocktail made from white rum, citric acid solution, tiki bitters, sugar and Freixenet.  Which was by far the best cocktail of the evening with everyone calling for a second to end their night on.  We all left the barge bar finding it a little difficult to walk straight mainly due to the alcohol, but also due to the fantastic bottles of cava we were presented with to take home.

Vestal Voyage Barge


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