Afternoon Tea Catering Services: Prices, Reviews And Events Offering

Afternoon tea is surely overlooked as a party idea. Next time when you plan an event you should reconsider your choice. Meeting in the afternoon has all the advantages. You can Segway your way into the evening if you want to elongate the event. You can serve a great variety of dishes and drink: sweet and savory, coffee or wine. We have prepared few great ideas for afternoon tea catering that will be a lovely addition to your next event.

Afternoon Tea Catering Services: Prices, Reviews And Events Offering

An amazing idea for arranging an afternoon party is to consider throwing it in a garden or a park. Afternoon tea is already quite informal form of meeting and it could be a nice idea for you to make it even more relaxed and pleasant. Also, there is nothing nicer than being outside with delicious food!

Afternoon Tea Catering Services: Prices, Reviews, And Events Offering

Afternoon Tea Caterers London

canapes canapes sweets focaccio

This lovely set of sandwiches and sweets is an amazing choice for an afternoon tea catering. Since London is the capital of a tea party it is only right, that you get your food arranged with one of our excellent Chefs: Chef Andrea. You and your guests will have a blast with this delicious food in the background. This is a great choice for a larger party. This menu will cost you £19 per person. 

Afternoon Tea Caterers Dubai

mini burgers Beef bites cupcakes

  • Mini burger sliders

  • Angus beef crostini

  • Assortment of cupcakes 

This mouth-watering canapes menu will be a great choice for an afternoon tea party. With Chef Carlo organizing a party is piece of cake! You can order this amazing menu for a party of up to 150 people for around 200 AED per person. 

Afternoon Tea Caterers Washington

chocolate fondant energy balls doughnuts mini meringues fig buddies

  • Fig buddies

  • Black heart cake

  • Fluffers

  • Spankin’ donuts

  • Date balls

This sweet offer from Chef Elisa could be a lovely afternoon tea catering for any kind of occasion from a book launch to old friends reunion. What is special about this menu, is that Chef Elisa specializes in vegan treats as well. So if you have this specific need in mind for catering, this should score all the points on your checklist. This awesome menu can be ordered for up to 30 people and will cost you from $40 per head.

Afternoon Tea Caterers Beirut 

caprese canapes desserts

  • Caprese bites

  • Panna cotta with berries

  • Macaroons

This lovely afternoon snack brought to you by our Chef Farid can be a fun start of the meeting that can later evolve to an evening celebration. Ths short list is only a top of the iceberg, as Chef Farid will arange the full menu with every client separately! If you are planning a longer party and you want to serve your guests some refreshments when they arrive in the afternoon, but you still want to serve dinner this is a lovely choice. Chef Farid can prepare those delights for up to 200 people for around $30 per person.

ChefXChange Reviews

Do not take our word for granted and see what some of our customers are saying about their experience using ChefXChange services.

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