How to Avoid Holiday Season Weight Gain

‘Tis the season for non-stop eating and drinking. Not to mention that exercise time will be reduced to a minimum. We love the holidays and holiday season food, however, we hate those extra pounds/kilos that we tend to gain. From mid-December until mid-January you find yourself invited to countless holiday, New Years, “we missed you during the holidays- let’s get together” parties. Below we have compiled few tricks that we normally follow to reduce holiday weight gain.

Avoid Holiday Season Weight Gain

Sweet Potatoes vs. Regular Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are known to be healthier than regular white potatoes in addition to containing less calories and carbs, and more vitamins and natural sugar.  Sweet potatoes are packed with powerful nutrients; they provide 400% of our daily requirement of vitamin A. They have more vitamin C and more fiber than their standard counterparts. The best way to enjoy them is in the oven with olive oil and pinch of ground cinnamon.

Clear Spirits vs. Wine

The festive season means a lot of family and friend gatherings- which naturally includes some imbibing. Yes, wine is healthier and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways (including grape varietals). However, wine has a higher calorie count and more carbs than clear spirits. We would generally recommend vodka or gin with ice, lemon and soda water (try to stay away from mixers). Wine is good to drink during your meal, which we really like as well, however, try to stay away from mulled wine (though we DO love a good mulled wine), it has added sugar and other kinds of sweet spirits is some cases.

Wine glass

Quinoa vs. Rice

We couldn’t recommend this enough! We have already explored the health benefits of quinoa here. If you are tempted to add rice to your stuffed chicken or turkey or have rice as a side, try to use quinoa instead. You will be cutting on carbs, consuming healthy proteins and fiber as well.

Quinoa: The World’s Healthiest Food


More Fresh Green Vegetables vs. Cooked Side Dishes

Always try opting out of side dishes. We understand that they are super delicious and yummy…. but likely because they are soaked with butter, fresh cream and other ingredients that contain high levels of fat and calories. You can always eat them in moderation, but try as much as you can to make your plate full with fresh vegetables.

Salad with Olive Oil


This is the hardest one, in our opinion! Pies, chocolate, candy, and so much of sugary delights. You will have to be tough, say no and limit yourself to at least one per meal. We’re partial to chocolate all day everyday!


We wish you a happy and delicious festive season! Eat, drink and be merry! And here are some of our post-holiday detox ideas!