Behind the Scenes with a Private Chef – Karl Swaps His Suit for a Chef Hat

Our co-founder Karl swapped his suit for a Chef hat when he became Sous Chef to one of our Chefs, to show us what it’s like behind the scenes with a private chef.  They had a booking for 40 people in Broumana, a mountain town 40 minutes away from Beirut.  Read below for Karls interview on his experience.

Chef Tara & Karl

Chef Tara & Karl

What was the menu that Chef Tara put together?


Seasonal green salad with asparagus, oranges and pomegranate

Daikon Radish King Crab Cake with salmon eggs

Fried Chitake and Vegetable Nems

Quiche Lorraine


Safran Risotto with Cognac & Honey flamed Shrimps

Homemade Porcini mushroom stuffed Ravioli with its creamy mushroom sauce

Rack of Lamb in a Herb & Crumb Crust, carrots puree and green beans with dates

Duck Breast with Duck Grease roasted potatoes

Whole oven baked Sea Bass


Pear Tart

Raspberry & Blueberry New York Cheesecake

Rack of lamb with herb and crumb crust

Rack of lamb with herb and crumb crust

How long did it take you to make it?

Chef Tara and I arrived at the host’s house at 7pm and dinner was served at 10pm. 100% of the produce was cooked on site, except for the desserts, they were made the night before, as well as the stuffed ravioli, nems and the king crab cake preparation done that same morning.

How many times have you thrown a dinner party yourself and done the cooking?

Countless times. I love hosting friends over for a nice meal and I take care of everything, from the sourcing of ingredients, cooking, serving and… cleaning up (with the help of my dishwasher and guests who always provide a helping hand).

Is this the first time you have cooked for ChefXchange?

I cannot count this as a first time as I was just there to provide a helping hand (that wasn’t necessarily needed) to Chef Tara, I was more shadowing her and observing her perfect technique.  It was also a good excuse to try some of her dishes, which were amazing 🙂

How was it working as a Sous Chef?

Being a control freak myself, it wasn’t easy, but Chef Tara owns the kitchen and she too is a perfectionist. It was a pleasure watching her as well as learning a few tricks that I will certainly use in the future.

Would you help out at a dinner party again?

One of my wildest dreams is to go through cooking school and be able to perfect my passion for this art. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time at the moment but I still hope I can go one day.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

ChefXchange is about providing freelance Private Chefs with an alternative platform to share their talents and skills.  This opens up a world of new culinary experiences for people who never would have thought they could afford to hire a Personal Chef.  Our platform makes it very easy for you to find a Chef for your events.  Whether your are hosting an event at home or at work; from canape parties, dinner parties, afternoon teas, brunches, hen parties or even to fill your fridge for a week, one of our Chefs will suit.


If you’re interested in having your own Private Chef so you can experience what it’s like, take a look at our Personal Chefs from London, Dubai and Washington DC here or comment below.  Karl said: 

Having Chef Tara in your kitchen is a unique privilege.

It truly is a privilege having a Private Chef in your kitchen, but it doesn’t have to be just for the privileged, we have a Chef for every price range, take a look at them here.   Let us know how your dinner parties go in the comments below.