This week’s Food Aficionado is a special individual who has a wholehearted and refined interest in food. It sometimes happens that he eats food out of hunger, but most of the time, he is attempting to find new food experiences. This passion for food led our Food Aficionado Badeeh Abla to create a very useful tool for all the foodies in Lebanon: “”. Indeed, his website is a very convenient platform that enables all the people of Lebanon to find the food they are craving. 
We had the chance to meet him and the following are a few words that will let you discover his food universe.

ChefXChange Food Aficionados Series #6: “”

Badeeh Abla is not only a food lover but he is also a talented entrepreneur who wears many hats. He first studied pre-med before moving into design and then consumer behavior and marketing. He also specialized in designing luxury brands.  Hence, our Food Aficionado has several strings to his bow and that is why he is able to associate Food with art, comfort and also pleasure. 

The story behind his blog/directory which is now 10 years old, is very engaging. Badeeh is a very clear person and when we met him, he let the cat out of the bag. He told us that he created his platform simply out of necessity; that he was looking online for restaurants in Beirut  but couldn’t find any! That is why he decided to create for everyone to enjoy. And of course, the name he chose fits naturally. 

Baddeh -

Inspiration & Motivation of Badeeh

When we asked our Food Aficionado to tell us about a stage or event that was significant in the development of, he mentioned with a great humbleness the different awards he received such as the Affiliation to Luxury Lifestyle and other awards from International Gastronomic Associations.

Managing a blog/directory such as  is not an easy task and Badeeh learned a lot from it. He told us that if you want to succeed in what your are doing and if you want your readers to become loyal to you, you need to always give them avant-garde content and give them ideas that are ahead of their time. He also advised us to keep being active and to undertake a lot of collaborations. 

According to him, the interaction with people and the smiles and likes he gets out of his work is a real motivation for continuously giving great content to likers.  

Below is a great food picture that Badeeh took. It is a picture of Lebanese Fattouch. 

Lebanese Fattouch

We asked Badeeh about his “favorites”…

Although our Food Aficionado has innumerable culinary experiences, there is one which holds a special place in his heart and that we will qualify as being his “unsurpassed experience”.  This food journey was held at the Blue House and it was the “El Bulli Vanguardist”.

And when asked about his worst culinary experience to date, Badeeh revealed not having a worst experience in mind but merely a bad choice of dish.

Later in our conversation, we uncovered his favorite ingredient. We asked him what would be the three ingredients he would choose if he was stuck on an island. His reply was clear and concise; he would choose eggs, tomatoes and wheat! 

And other interesting details…

With the same goal, we questioned Badeeh about his favorite and least favorite foods and received very interesting replies. Our Food Aficionado is keen on Lebanese food and hates Fast food!

When questioning a food lover, you should keep a notebook in your pocket to write down the name of new foods you are going to learn about (and google them later on).  In our case, we discovered that chocolate cake can be flourless when asking Badeeh about his favorite dessert! 

We also discovered that he had a favorite blog other than his own; “” and that his dream food destination is South Asia and countries such as Singapore, Nepal or Laos.

Finally, we asked him about his favorite restaurant and if he would prefer to eat outside or at home.
We uncovered that he loves LPM, an elegant restaurant located in the South of France and that he doesn’t mind eating at home or outside.  The most important thing is the people he is with or the ingredients he has in hand!

Badeeh on Chefs and Foodies…

What would you like to see in a chef? – “Passion for details, but at the same time, meals that look like comfort food with details.”

How would you define a true foodie? – “One who appreciates tastes and recognizes them in intricate detail as well as respecting
his/her food diet intake.”


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