5 Best 40th Birthday Party Ideas For Husband That He’ll Love

Is your hubby turning 40? That is a big celebration both in terms of planning a party for friends and family as well as figuring out the perfect gift for the occasion. We have thought long about what kind of surprises are worthy of such a big anniversary and we came up with 5 best 40th birthday party ideas for husband

5 Best 40th Birthday Party Ideas For Husband That He'll Love

Some people see 40 as a gate to the older part of life, but honestly, with anticipation of a majority of the society being healthy and capable until 90th or 100th birthday, 40th is still super young. When your second half turns 40, do not let them go into the despair that they are getting ‘old’. One way you can do it is to throw them the best party. Having fun will chase the middle age crisis away! Same goes for a unique 40th birthday gift.

5 Best 40th Birthday Party Ideas For Husband That He’ll Love

1. Spa break


Who said that spa is only for girls? This can be a great relaxing gift. Your husband is stressed with work and be sure, that he will appreciate a weekend of massage, good food and relaxing with a glass of wine in the evenings. You can book not only massages but also extra activities like meditation and things that will rejuvenate you and your husband.

2. Football stadium helicopter tour


This will be a true treat if your hubby is a sports fan. This very generous gift will grant you the wife of the year prize. Your husband will have a time of his life enjoying this experience. Helicopter or balloons flights can be a great choice without a sports element too. If you want to see the city that you live in from up above that would be an amazing experience as well. If you can tie the flight in, with any of your husband’s hobbies it’s  even better. Maybe a flight over the mountains, if he is a nature lover?

3. Hire a private chef for dinner


Is food your husband’s passion? If the answer is yes, you have to treat him to the most amazing dinner he has ever had, apart from your cooking, of course! Hiring a Private Chef to cook for you is a great choice. You will get the best quality food, you can choose your preferred menu and you don’t have to do any of the hard work. Just relax and entertain your husband. This can be a good choice not only if you have a romantic dinner together, but also if you are planning a dinner party for your husband’s friends.

4. Canapes and cocktails


Canapes and cocktail party at your house is like an extended and better version of happy hour. And who doesn’t love that? You can invite your husband’s friends to hire a bartender to mix some amazing cocktails for you. Add some snacks like assort of canapes. Or even a table full of sushi! Our exquisite Chef Marco can give you a hand with that. 

5. Cooking class and brunch menu

private chef

Our last idea for 40th birthday party idea for the husband is booking cooking classes for you and your hubby. If your husband is an amateur chef this gift will blow his mind! By booking the cooking class with our Private Chefs like Chef Maxime, you have an opportunity to learn how to prepare an amazing Michelin star dishes. This is a great gift not only to learn new dishes to cook but also prepare a great meal for your celebration. If you are fans of brunch you can learn how to make the amazing brunch classics:

  • Eggs benedict with homemade hollandaise sauce

  • Ricotta Strawberry french toast

brunch menu

Are you looking for more 40th birthday party ideas for husband, have a look at our post on 40th Birthday Party Ideas: 5 Best Ideas That You’ll Love. If you need more culinary inspiration see what our Private Chefs are cooking!