Anniversary Dinner Ideas: 5 Best Menus That You Will Love To Have

Whether it’s an anniversary to mark your work achievements, or you’re celebrating 10 years of being married you can not only spoil your partner with a lovely dinner but also throw a memorable soiree for your friends and family. Here are few anniversary dinner ideas, that will help you choose the best menus for your special day. 

Anniversary dinner ideas

The pressure of making an anniversary special is even bigger than on birthdays and holidays. Don’t stress out if you’re too busy to take your husband or wife on a big romantic trip to France. The gesture of preparing an anniversary meal at home can be just as much, or even more, appreciated. If you want to make your evening even more unforgettable, compose your menu in connection to your relationship, perhaps you found this amazing gelato that summer in the small Italian village? Take your partner on a culinary journey through your best memories together. In the meantime, a little bit of inspiration never hurt anyone.

Anniversary dinner ideas: 5 best menus that you will love to have

French Connection

French Dinner Menu

Starter: Quiche Lorraine

Main: Butter garlic shrimps

Dessert: Chocolate and cherries

We begin our anniversary dinner ideas with a romantic French classic.  This will remind you about your trip to Paris when you just have started dating? Pack your menu up with rich quiche lorraine and creamy shrimp with garlic and of course, chocolate is a must have.  

Gastronomic Dinner

Gastronomic Dinner Menu

Starter: Goat cheese salad

Main: Seared lamb loin

Dessert: Crème brûlée

A special anniversary meal idea at home, which is quite appropriate for any kind of celebration. If you’re inviting your boss to the house to celebrate your 20 years with the company this will work magic. It will make an even better impression if you can relax and socialize with your guests while Chef Amro works his magic in the kitchen.

Forest and Orchard

Anniversary Dinner Menu 

Starter: Spinach with grilled peaches and parmesan

Main: Duck breast with wild mushrooms

Dessert: Chocolate tart

This anniversary meal idea is going to please your guests with scrumptious fresh salad and delicate duck breast. The lightness of appetizer will balance rich chocolate dessert. Make sure to have a nice selection of wines with this menu. Chardonnay will go great with the peach salad a glass of Pinot Noir to bring out the flavors of duck and the forest mushrooms and a glass of Port with the dessert.

Italian Impression

Italian Dinner Menu 

Starter: Tomato bruschetta

Main: Pumpkin ravioli with sage butter

Dessert: Mascarpone cream with fruits

People say that one eats with one’s eyes, well if that is the case then this is some feast of colors. That makes this the ideal anniversary dinner idea for him. A very suitable menu if your anniversary is in the summer months. Enjoy the lighter, full of veggies and fruits dinner.

Fusion Dinner

 Fusion Dinner Menu

Starter: Zucchini rolls

Main: Butter fried scallops

Dessert: Chocolate and cream

A little bit of everything. Delicious but simple anniversary dinner idea that won’t take long to prepare, if you are throwing a party on the weekday. Sit back and watch the scallops sizzle in the butter. Your guests won’t be able to wait for the main course when the smells from the kitchen reach their noses. The chocolate dessert can be made in advance and kept in the fridge, the same goes for the zucchini rolls. Throwing an anniversary dinner cannot get any easier than this. 

That completes our anniversary dinner ideas at home, but if you want more romantic dinner menus read our Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas: 5 Romantic Dinner Menus or have a look at our Private Chefs.