5 Best Baby Shower Brunch Menu Ideas To Wow Your Guests

Brunch is the best possible meal to organize a baby shower around. It is a great idea to plan this celebration on a weekend. That will bring the relaxed atmosphere of a lazy morning. The best part is that preparing a brunch does not take as much time as other meals. A lot of classic brunch dishes are baked goodies, that you can prepare a day before. Have a look at what we have chosen as the best baby shower brunch menu ideas

5 Best Baby Shower Brunch Menu Ideas To Wow Your Guests

When you are composing a brunch for a bigger group, it is nice to give your guests a variety of choices. To make it easy for you, try to think of foods that you can serve in different ways for example with different toppings. People can help themselves to a buffet without having to ask you to prepare other alternatives. If you feel that you wold like to elongate your lazy morning instead of cooking, simply call one of our amazing Private Chefs to do the hard work for you!

5 Best Baby Shower Brunch Menu Ideas

Fresh start

fresh brunch menu

  • Scones with berries and ricotta cheese 

  • Baked egg muffins wrapped in bacon

  • Assortment of freshly squeezed juices

The first on our list of baby shower brunch menu ideas is a mix of sweet and savory. It is a great idea to give your guests a choice of having more than one dish. Serve fresh out of the oven scones and prepare different options that people can eat them with. You can serve fresh fruit, ricotta cheese, but also honey, jams or even Nutella. Egg muffins are a great way to serve eggs because you can make them in bulk unlike poached or fried eggs. Serve jugs of freshly squeezed juices, try watermelon and pineapple to make the feast more exotic.

Good morning

brunch menu

  • Crepes with apple and cinnamon 

  • Quinoa greek salad

  • Cappuccino

This menu is a more filling and better for a brunch that is later on. The crepes can again be a nice dish to serve with different stuffings. You can use a variety of spreads and fruits. The quinoa salad will be a great segway into the afternoon, that also means you can serve some champagne or white wine with it if you wish.


french breakfast

  • Tartlets with cream and mixed fruit  

  • Ham and cheese croissants 

  • Fresh orange juice

Do not choose this menu if you are counting your calories because it’s a butter overload. It’s a lovely menu that your guests will melt over.Prepare different sets of tartlets, some with strawberries, some with grapes and other with tangerines. Fresh fruit will help to even out the heavy buttery food. 

It’s a boy

egg brunch

  • Banana bread

  • Eggs Benedict casserole

  • Coconut and date smoothie 

This baby shower brunch menu is opposite to the one above. It is a healthier option that is still absolutely delicious. Add some extra avocado to the egg casserole.  If you never tried a smoothie with dates you are missing out!

It’s a girl 


  • Blueberry cupcakes

  • Shakshouka

  • Jasmin tea

Cupcakes may be one of the most suiting foods for a baby shower! If you have some extra decorations to put on the top of the icing this is an occasion to use it. Any butterflies or glitter will be fitting for this occasion. Shakshouka is a nice alternative to more well-known egg dishes and will be great for those of you who like a little spice in their life. 

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