5 Best Baby Shower Lunch Menu To Impress Your Guests

Spring is the season of pastel colors, no doubt! You can inject yourself with even more of the cute colors and flavors if you are planning a baby shower for your family member or a friend. Take this opportunity to not only create a lovely atmosphere for your future mom to be but also wow all the guests with some amazing and loving menus. Here are our top picks for the 5 best baby shower lunch menu, that will earn you the crown of the best party organizer. 

5 Best Baby Shower Lunch Menu To Impress Your Guests

On the occasion of baby shower sometimes we end up asking ourselves if we are going overboard with the planning, all the decorations, the icing on the cake, the gifts and so on. But what other occasion is there to celebrate with everything joyful and colorful and sweet? If you are planning a baby shower for your friend, do not hold back! Pastel decorations and delicious food always go together when it comes to welcoming a new life into your family!

5 Best Baby Shower Lunch Menu Ideas To Impress Your Guests

Bonne Chance!

french lunch

  • Onion soup

  • Quiche Lorraine

  • Macaroons 

The french know how to do it well, so it is only right that we start our baby shower lunch menu list with a set of french favorites. Those delicious dishes will bring a smile to your baby mama and to all your friends. The star of this menu should be the macaroons. Have as many color and flavor options as you can! 

Treasures of the sea

seafood lunch

  • Tempura prawns

This lovely menu is full of light meals based on seafood. They can be a relly nice buffet style dishes served as smaller bite-size portions. That makes this menu ideal if you are planning your baby shower as a garden party, or simply a much more relaxed atmosphere of the living room rather than a formal seating. 

Indian summer

indian lunch

  • Thalashery style Malabar dum biriyani

  • Spicy coriander and green chicken

  • Rose and pistachio Pavlova

This amazing menu created by our exquisite Chef Hiba is absolutely delicious. You probably know the classic Indian curries but this menu will open your eyes to a much richer and even more flavourful cuisine. A great choice if you like new culinary experiences and your guests are open to trying a variety of foods.

Spring in the countryside

lunch menu

  • Sweet pea and mint soup

  • Pork tenderloins in bacon

  • Victoria sponge cake

This menu puts a spin on many of the well-known flavors. If you know that your guests are not that adventurous when it comes to food, this menu is a very safe and delicious option! Plus it will look amazing with the beautiful colors and textures.

Asian flavours

asian lunch

  • Cajun Prawn

  • Thai red duck curry

  • Beignets

Our final baby shower lunch menu is the work of our excellent Chef Shane. This menu is inspired by Asian cuisine. The red duck curry is to die for. If you are worried about serving Asian food, because it may be too spicy just let the chef know to make a milder alternative for the ones that are not ready to try too many chillies. 

If you need more delicious food inspirations check out our other Private Chefs and what they can do for you! Become a pro in baby shower planning with our checklist on How To Plan A Baby Shower.