Birthday Gifts for Husband: 3 Best Birthday Gifts for Culinary Experience!

It is always difficult to find the right birthday gift for your husband. Most of our “hubbies” are not even expecting any gift. Others have exact birthday presents in mind and most of the times these presents are out of our budgets (video games that we don’t want, champions’ league tickets, latest phone…!) To make it easier for all of us this year, we have three unexpected gift ideas that will help us get the “best wife” prize with these birthday gifts for husband ideas!

Birthday Gifts For Husband

All three birthday gift ideas involve food and are great culinary experiences! So look no further, you are at the right place to find the perfect gift for your soon to be very happy husband! And how about offering something that will also be kind of a gift to you too? Indeed, you are going to love our birthday gifts for husband ideas because you will also be treating yourself! Sharing is caring, isn’t it?

Hubby B-Day!!! Perfect birthday gifts for husband (and yourself)!

1. A couples cooking class!

couple cooking class

Offering a cooking class to your other half will not only be a very funny activity but will also be a new experience to do together. Cooking classes are a very romantic activity which builds a certain kind of relationship. The chemistry between you and your partner will be stronger than ever during a cooking class as you will be working as a team in order to cook the best dish you can.

Besides, a cooking class birthday gift will be really appreciated by your hubby because it will be something new to experience! Not only you will be offering him something new, fun and different but you will also be able to make him discover a new type of cuisine that you would also like to learn such as Korean, Peruvian or even Ethiopian!

The best way to give your sweetheart a cooking class as a birthday gift would be to surprise him with it. Take him directly to the location without telling him where you are going and you will see that he won’t forget this surprise ever! A cooking class is a really unique experience enabling you to spend quality time with your husband and building funny memories.

You can definitely say that a cooking class is many gifts in one. The cherry on the top of this gift is that you get to eat what you cooked together at the end of the course.  The Chefs that give cooking classes offer very high-quality menus so you will be very proud to eat something pretty and delicious and that you made with the man of your life!

And if you don’t like the idea to go out for this cooking class, you can still hire a Private Chef for your own private lesson at your home.  Some of us would prefer this option of being in the intimacy of our own home making this experience even more romantic.

2. Get him a private chef to cook for him (and you) a special birthday dinner!

 Private Chef Cooking

OK so if the first birthday gifts for husband idea didn’t catch your eye, then this one must!  Another sure thing is that all men love their bellies. Good food is always a great solution for any event. Of course, they love what you cook for them with love every day, but for a special occasion, they would probably love experiencing a new culinary journey. Plus you don’t have to slave away in the kitchen either!  Having a Chef coming at your place to cook for him as a birthday gift is really a great idea!

First of all, he will be in his comfort zone; at home, relaxed, and if he is tired, he will be very glad to know that the only thing he will have to do will be to put his legs under the table!

Secondly, having a real chef at your place to cook a delicious meal is really a “Wow” experience. You don’t mention that this experience is affordable thanks to ChefXChange and let your husband believe that you paid a huge amount to get him this prestigious gift for his birthday. You can have a 5-starred Chef coming to your home to cook a cuisine for him that he would only try in a gastronomical restaurant!

Moreover, here again, this gift is a treat to you too! Not only the Chef will take care of the ingredients, the cooking and the entertainment but he will also clean everything once done!

The only thing you will have to do for this birthday gift to your loved one is choosing a Chef.  Maybe setting the table with few pictures of your husband on it and few balloons or roses and wearing a nice dress that you know he loves. He will be amazed by this gift! His beautiful wife in his favorite setting, sharing with him a new prestigious culinary experience.  He will be delighted and proud and will obviously talk about it at every gathering you will have in the future.

3. A Private Chef gift card to use whenever he wants!

romantic dinner

So we complete our birthday gifts for husband ideas with a gift card.  This is great if his birthday falls in the middle of a very busy work period and he won’t have the time or the energy to go out to celebrate his birthday. If this is the case, a gift card would be a genius idea as he could choose the date he wants to experience his birthday gift. He obviously will use it with you, so here again your husband’s birthday gift will be a new and fun experience for you too.

The value of this gift card will be appreciated by your love. Just imagine that in the middle of the week, you are thinking about what do to on the next Saturday night, and realize you would like to do something different than just going out for dinner he could pop up his birthday gift card and book a private chef who would come to cook for the two of you.

And if you are thinking about how to give this gift card to your husband for his birthday, use a little bit of creativity… For example, why not using a small treasure hunt? A treasure hunt might be really fun; you just have to write out clues on post-it notes or small papers at your place and your husband will look when he comes back from work or on a Saturday morning (where he put his keys, the fridge, the bathroom door…). Those clues would lead your husband to the next clue until he finds his birthday gift! If you have children, it could be really fun to have them watch their dad doing this birthday gift hunt.  Get some ideas for clues here.

Here you go! Now, you have in mind 3 great birthday gifts for husband ideas! And the good thing is that it is really easy to get these three gifts; just visit the ChefXChange website and you can browse for a Private Chef if you are thinking of getting him a cooking class or a private chef to cook for him. And if you are more interested in the gift card; you can go directly to the gift card section of the ChefXChange website.

And if you need more inspiration, you can read our article on 5 best birthday dinner ideas to blast your nights!