5 Best Birthday Party Ideas For Dad To Make Your Dad’s Birthday Memorable

I don’t know about you, but for me, my dad is by far the hardest person to buy gifts for. Personally, I always start panicking way ahead the day trying to come up with something extraordinary. I think a party is always an amazing idea for a special gift for your dad. That’s why we have some great birthday party ideas for dad to use this year!

5 Best Birthday Party Ideas For Dad To Make Your Dad's Birthday Memorable

5 Best Birthday Party Ideas For Dad To Make Your Dad’s Birthday Memorable

1. Hire a Private Chef for dinner party

private chef

This birthday party idea for dad is a great idea if he loves food. Hiring a Private Chef to cook the dinner is a great idea for a few reasons. One is that you get the best quality of food and you can have a truly exquisite culinary experience that can be offered to you in the comfort of your own home. Another plus of organizing a party like this is that there is no work for you involved. The party is practically going to organize itself. You do not have to worry about groceries or cooking or cleaning the mess in the kitchen. This is all done by one of our amazing Private Chefs

2. Retro party

retro car

Another of our great birthday party ideas for dad is to throw him a party with a theme. It’s a great choice to choose the cultural dance of the 20th century. He will be especially happy if you choose a decade from his teenage years. Make sure that you consult with someone who knows what was ‘hip’ at the time.  Then start making decorations, a playlist, and even costumes. Who doesn’t love a fancy dress party?

3. Organize drinks and canapes with few of his best friends

food platter

This birthday party idea will be especially great if your dad has a lot of friends and work colleagues that would be crucial for him to celebrate the birthday with. By organizing a buffet get together with drinks you can create a relaxed atmosphere and it’s an ideal choice for a bigger group. 

4. Blind tasting party

wine tasting

This idea can be very exciting for a party of a smaller group of people. It will be a very fun introduction to the evening to taste few dishes and see if your dad can guess the ingredients. It is definitely more appropriate for someone who is a foodie, it really is great entertainment. Similar to the dine in the dark experience that has been popping up in many cities. Testing food blindfolded allows for a different experience that will definitely be a unique gift. 

5. Design a treasure hunt

treasure map

We end our birthday party ideas for dad with a treasure hunt. If your dad’s personal hero is Indiana Jones this will go down a treat. You can go full on and organize a big one for different teams of people who will later be the guests of the party or make a special one just for your dad. The final clue should lead him to the surprise party. You can send him to do tasks or visit places or find parts of his birthday gift.

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