10 Best Canapes Ideas For Your Canape Party

Hosting a party can be a very joyful and fun experience as long as cooking doesn’t get in the way… To make sure it is stress-free for you to organize, we have prepared 10 great bite-sized food ideas, that will satisfy all taste and preferences of your guests. Get inspired by these best canapes ideas and impress your friends with creative and tasty nibbles, perfect to go with that evening you have been waiting to host in the garden with a glass of wine on the side!

best canapes ideas

10 Best Canapes Ideas For Your Canape Party

1. Cucumber cups

Cucumber cups

On of our favorite cold canapes are cucumber cups. With the sun finally showing up, you can’t go wrong with this refreshing and crunchy canapé. Cucumber will be the perfect ingredient acting as a receptacle for the canapé and adding a crunch to your bite. On top, make your own whipped feta and add sun dried tomatoes and basil for a creamy and festive result.

2. Muffin tin mini lasagnas


Traditional lasagnas are always so messy to cut, so we found the solution! With these perfect portion-controlled we are also looking after your diet and let you enjoy the cheesy goodness with less guilt… Can also be adapted to veggie lasagnas for all the vegetarians out there, just replace the meat with vegetables of your choice. Read more here about vegetarian nibbles and canapes.

3. Butternut squash, cranberry and goat’s cheese crusty

goat cheese

After you fried the pieces of bread, all you need to do is add the squash mixture and goat cheese then bake it for 5 minutes and voila! A truly delicious and colorful canapé ready to serve.

4. Seared salmon dipped in whiskey sauce

smoked salmon

 A lovely recipe for canapes and cocktails party! Try this tasty and surprising dip with mayonnaise, ketchup, Worcester sauce and whiskey that will bring up the taste of the salmon, trust us it is fabulous!

5. Mini BLT sandwich

Who doesn’t love Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomatoes sandwiches? Bringing back this classic and savory treat because sometimes the most obvious ideas are the best. For vegetarians replace bacon with halloumi, it’s just as enjoyable.

6. Baked baby potatoes


Another on of our best canapes ideas is based on everyone’s beloved potatoes! Just roast the baby potatoes with paprika and garlic to add flavor. Don’t forget the best part about canapés…the dipping sauce; our favorite is sour cream and chives an ultimate classic.

7. Mini eggs benedict

egg benedict

This canapé will both satisfy your guest’s eyes and stomach! Simply add ham and cheese on the toasted bread with a dab of hollandaise sauce and finish with the fried egg, all ingredients cut in round shape for an added visual effect.

8. Mango chicken skewers

For a healthy and yet delightful bite, all you need is to cook the chicken breasts cut into small pieces, previously marinated in mango chutney, oil and lemon juice. On the side, mix yogurt with lemon zest and basil and you’ll end up with an appetizing low-fat favorite of ours.

9. Strawberry bites with mascarpone


A lovely pastry with mascarpone and strawberry, what else should I say? If you feel adventurous, you can add a drop of vinegar balsamic to enhance the strawberry flavor. And if you ask me, this very festive dessert would go perfectly with some bubbles on the side.

10. Mini Lime pies

lime pie

Last but not least on our best canapes ideas list comes a delicious dessert. These gorgeous mini cakes will enchant the crowd with a perfect balance between the sweetness of cream cheese and the bitterness of the lime juice. Success guaranteed!

Also, if you feel you’re lacking time to prepare this Canapé Party, you can always chat with one of our Private Chefs and have it all prepared for you…

Hope you have enjoyed all our mouth-watering options and that you will try them at home now! If so, we would be thrilled to see the result, feel free to share using the hashtags #ChefXChange #CanapeParty on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Author: Emma Khoury