Chinese Dinner Menu Ideas: Easy and Authentic Dinner Menus

Chinese New Year is upon us again and it’s the perfect time to host a dinner party. If you’re looking to celebrate, then why not try cooking some traditional Chinese dishes. Just like the festival, Chinese food is full of vibrant colours that will make your dinner party presentation even more impressive. To celebrate Chinese New Year this year, we’ve prepared some Chinese dinner menu ideas full of flavours that will make your dinner party a huge success.

Chinese Dinner Menu Ideas: Easy and Authentic Dinner Menus

Chinese Dinner Menu Ideas: Easy and Authentic Dinner Menus

Nothing says Chinese New Year then some deliciously authentic Chinese food. We want to celebrate with good, flavoursome food which gets you off to a great start to the Chinese New Year. There are so many reasons to love Chinese New Year, from the bright lights, colours and fireworks to the parades and community aspect. It brings people together to celebrate, just like food. So this year, make sure you combine the two for a recipe to remember.

During Chinese New Year certain foods are often eaten, mostly chosen for their symbolic meanings. Food that symbolises luck is served during the festival to bring good fortune for the following year.

Lucky foods include:

  • Fish – symbolising an increase in propensity
  • Dumplings – symbolising wealth
  • Spring rolls – symbolising wealth
  • Tangyuan (sweet rice balls) – symbolising togetherness
  • Good fortune fruit – symbolising fullness and wealth
  • Longevity noodles – symbolising happiness and longevity

Embrace tradition this Chinese New Year and celebrate with some delicious Chinese dishes that will bring you wealth, fortune, and great tasting food. We’ve compiled a few different Chinese dinner menu ideas from top chefs in London.

Chef Lina’s Sichuan Delight

Chef Lina specialises in Asian dishes and her Sichuan Delight dishes are perfect for celebrating Chinese New Year.

  1. Pork Wanton in Chilli Oil Sauce

This dish is the ideal way to kick-start a Chinese New Year dinner party. These little crispy packages are both sweet and savoury and come in a deliciously aromatic sauce of vinegar, garlic and roasted chilli oil.

  1. Stir Fry Chicken with Sichuan Pepper and Cashew Nuts

This dish is made up of delicious marinated chicken with cashew nuts to add a rich nutty flavour to the chicken stir-fry. This dish has the perfect balance of flavours and is guaranteed to leave your dinner guests salivating.

  1. Fish flavoured aubergine

This crispy aubergine dish is made in a mouth-watering sweet, sour and savoury sauce. It makes for a great side dish or light starter so it’s a great dish to try when you’re watching the festivities unfold around you.

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Chef Lina also recommends:

  • Mouth Watering Chicken with Spicy Sauce and Peanut
  • Sweet and Sour Prawn with Lychee
  • Peanut Rice Dumpling in Soy Milk

Chef Teppanyaki Chefs – Luxury Chinese menu

The Teppanyaki Chefs always aim to offer delicious, easy and enjoyable meals that will give you some great Chinese dinner menu ideas.

  1. Chinese BBQ spare ribs

We’ve added BBQ spare ribs to our Chinese dinner menu ideas as it’s a succulent dish for everyone to enjoy.  What better way is there to celebrate good fortune and good friends than with some tangy ribs. 

  1. Aromatic crispy duck with hoisin sauce

Hoisin sauce is a thick sauce used in many Chinese recipes. It complements the flavours within the meat and gives it a deliciously sweet, yet salty taste that will leave your guests licking their lips. There’s a reason this is one of the most popular dishes in Chinese restaurants.

  1. Dim sum

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Chinese New Year dinner menu without dim sum. Dim sum is a platter of small dishes that allow your guests to try a little of everything. If you want to give your guests a real treat this Chinese New Year, then dim sum is one of our Chinese dinner menu ideas you should definitely go for.

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If you like these menu ideas why not make them come true by inviting one of our Private Chefs to cook for you? You may also enjoy our article about Asian Food Catering Services.