Best Cocktail Party Ideas: 5 Awesome Ideas That Will Create A Buzz At Your Party

The sun has made us much more sociable these last few weeks. That can mean only one thing! It is time to throw a cocktail party for your friends. We know that you do not want to be boring and just open a bottle of wine. That’s why we have prepared 5 cocktail party ideas that you can use at home to wow your guests and make yourself the party guru in your friend’s circle. 

cocktail party ideas

If you are new in the party planning scene try not to panic. Anyone can throw a great party. There are few simple rules to follow whether you are planning a dinner party or a cocktail one. We have prepared a great checklist on how to host a dinner party that can guide you through this yet unknown territory. 

Best Cocktail Party Ideas At Home:

Tropical party

tropical party

  • Pina coladas & Mai tais

  • Satay sticks

Our first cocktail party idea at home will bring more summer into your house. Get everyone feeling tropical with some lovely cocktails such as a Pina Colada or a Mai Thai. Mojitos will go well with this theme as well. Any drinks that are based on fruits such as pineapples, limes or passion fruits will taste amazing. And, of course, do not forget about the rum! Try some grilled sweet and sour goodies like peanut satay chicken. If you are dreaming of a whole oriental feast of snacks call in one of our Private Chefs to give you a hand.

‘Hip’ party

hip party

  • Long island iced tea in mason jars

  • Sliders

We have all noticed the trends brought by the cool kids on the block in the last few years. Why not use that as a party theme? Dress in your comfy clothes and serve the drinks in mason jars. Long island iced tea will be great for this kind of party, but you can choose any of your favorite cocktails! As a snack try mini burgers or some spicy chicken wings. This casual ambiance of the party will suit tastes of even your pickiest friends. 

Bond night party

bond party

  • Martinis

  • Cheese board

This is one of our favourite cocktail party ideas.  You can ask your guests to dress up and even play some party games in the mystery theme like Killer Wink. Serve Martinis for drinks, there are so many different kinds that all of your guests will find something that they like. As snacks try a cheese platter and some marinated olives. 

Party with style


  • Champagne-based drinks like Kir royal or Mimosa

  • Mushroom tartlets 

Let’s get fancy with some champagne. Champagne-based drinks are super easy to make so this can be a great choice for those of you who are not the best bartenders and are not wanting to hire a professional bartender. Your guests will adore some bubbles and you can serve it along with some french delicacies. Try tartlets with wild mushrooms. 

Sex and the city


  • Cosmopolitan

  • Mini pizzas

We complete our best cocktail party ideas with this fun theme.  This will be a lovely party to throw if you’re planning a girls night. Which of us would not like to live like Carrie Bradshaw for an evening? Dress up and mix fancy cocktails with super casual comfort food. You and your girls will have great laughs and can catch up without any interference from your partners. 

If you are looking for more inspiration on a buffet style snack that you can serve at a party try our Wedding Buffet Menu Ideas: 5 Top Picks From Wedding Specialist Chefs or have a look at what our Private Chefs have been up to.