3 Best Corporate Team Building Activities For Awesome Teams

We all know the importance and value of a team that works well together. To make sure everyone ‘clicks’ into the right role at work is important, and a way to make it easier is to nourish the relationships within the team outside of an office setting. There are many different corporate team building activities that you can send your team off to. The truth is that the more fun and unusual the experience the better the result will be.

3 Best Corporate Team Building Activities For Awesome Teams

If you are still unsure of the value of doing team building activities, let us convince you otherwise. Of course, you want your team to be efficient and you expect that everyone will be professional regardless of whether they are friends or not, whether they have been working in the position for a month or for 10 years. Nevertheless, you want to create a great work environment that will motivate people to do their best every day.

Even though money is a strong motivator, you also have to look at other things like a sense of belonging and the feeling of accomplishment. Those are to an extent things that you can offer to your team with corporate team building activities. You’ll let them create more complex relations within the team. Team building activities are a great way to help your personnel realize that they are codependent and help them develop a good understanding of other people’s skills and strengths. And the cooperative nature of the group will increase drastically. By working in a team on a more sport or skill based assignment, your team will not only become closer friends but also learn new things about each other and have a better understanding of their own role at work and in the team ecosystem. 

3 Best Corporate Team Building Activities For Awesome Teams

Outdoor Team Building Activities for Work

  • Go karting

go karting


The first group of corporate team building activities that are worthwhile looking into are outdoor activities. Most of those will include some sort of competing in smaller teams. Healthy competition never hurt anyone! We think that go karting is a great choice here. It will bring out a competitive edge in your team members. Go karting can be arranged as a group activity with a scoreboard and at the end of the day you will have one racing master in your team. 

Paintballing is one of the best team building activities. Not only because you can train your aiming skills, bust also it’s a great team activity. If you want your team to win, you have to work together closely, have each other backs and create a strategy to win. It’s great fun too! It will be an especially great experience if you have few departments competing against each other.

Unusual Team Building Activities

  • Sumo wrestling


  • Egg smashing


Some team building activities for work can be quite unusual, but maybe it is high time to surprise your coworkers! Learning sumo wrestling will make some people raise their eyebrows but it will be a memorable experience. Fancy wrestling your superior to the ground in a blow-up costume? Why not!

Egg smashing could be one of those things that will have your employees questioning your sanity, but don’t be too quick to judge. Everyone needs to blow off some steam and smashing things is exactly what the doctor ordered! You can just smash the eggs randomly or throw them at a dart-like board and see who can aim the best. 

Indoor Best Team Building Activities

pasta making

  • Blindfolded food tasting


We end our corporate team building activities with the indoor best team building activities! This is a great choice if the weather is bad and you can’t do things outside. This can be one of the nicest activities and by far the tastiest one. Hiring a Private Chef to teach you how to cook a meal together is a great experience. You will get to work together making something delicious and most importantly you will get to eat it afterwards! 

Another food related team building activity for work is a food tasting. You can easily make it into a fun game and score the accuracy of everyone’s taste buds. The winner gets the foodie medal! Food can often make people bond on a more personal level than other activities do, that’s why it could be a nice ice breaker if your team hasn’t been working together for long or are working together just for one project. 

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