5 Best Detox Foods That Detoxify Your Body

Once we have eaten till our hearts our content over the holiday period, our bodies will deserve some serious detoxing.  To begin the new year feeling fresh and revitalized a body detox is a great way to achieve this. It is important to give our bodies some help to combat harmful toxins from within and without so that our bodies continues ticking and helps us against disease and illness. We have compiled this quick list of detox foods that help to detoxify our bodies.

5 Best Detox Foods That Detoxify Your Body5 Best Detox Foods That Detoxify Your Body 


Beetroots are a high-antioxidant vegetable that contains several nutrients and vitamins such B3, B6 and vitamin C.  Beetroot is a good source of iron, zinc, and calcium which are all necessary for helping to cleanse and detoxify your body. It also includes betaine, which helps the liver cells eliminate toxins. It also the fiber Pectin which clears toxins that have been removed from the liver so they do not re-enter the body.

5 Best Detox Foods That Detoxify Your BodyTurmeric

Turmeric is an age-old remedy, it has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice for cooking food and as a medicinal herb. The Active Ingredient In Turmeric is curcumin. Curcumin has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and can act as a strong antioxidant. It can even improve happiness as it naturally activates the opioid system which helps to calm the pain. Turmeric is also effective in cleansing the liver. It reduces the levels of toxicity in the body by stimulating the lymphatic system which then ensures that toxins are removed efficiently. These properties make it effective for treating disease such as Crohn’s disease.

 Bone Broth

The warm broth has become only useful to the cold weather and when feeling sick. However, it has great properties which makes it good for detoxifying your body all year round. Bone broth contains amino acids, vitamins, and electrolytes. These properties make bone broth a good source of anti-inflammatory agents for soothing and healing the body. The antioxidants in bone broth get the detox process going quickly without causing us fatigue.


Berries are also a good source of antioxidant agents. Their small size and great taste make them very easy to consume during the day or night. For example, they can be placed on top of your bowl of cereal or eaten as a dessert following your dinner. They possess strong anti-inflammatory properties which help to boost our immune system. Two popular types of berries are the Acai Berries and the Gogi berries. Each performs a unique function. The Gogi berry is useful in helping to improve digestion and aid in weight loss. Whereas, the Acai berries are useful in promoting skin health.

5 Best Detox Foods That Detoxify Your Body

Chia Seeds

If you are looking for high amounts of fiber, consider Chia seeds, they possess 5-6 grams of it per tablespoon. So snacking on a teaspoon of chia seeds daily will provide 50 percent of your body daily fibre requirement which will help any constipation issues you may have. Chia seeds are best taken with a smoothie to help disguise their taste but benefit immediately from the energy boost they provide.

5 Best Detox Foods That Detoxify Your BodyFor more healthy tips on healthy eating have a look at our Health & Nutrition Blog section. If you are looking for a good detox recipe, I would recommend having a read of our Creamy broccoli soup recipe. This broth is guaranteed to leave your body feeling fresh and topped up with clean and healthy goodness.

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