How To Pick The Best Dinner Party Menu That You And Your Guest Will Love? [Infographic]

Enjoy the oldest new way to do -‎ Whether you’re building new relationships, want to enjoy your Friday night or to bring friends together. Here are our 5 best ways to pick your dinner party menu.

1. Balance your dinner party menu

Don’t: Try avoiding heavy dishes, it will be too stodgy. Would you fancy a rice crab salad, followed by paella, followed by rice pudding? No! Too much rice!

Do: Be creative and think about how your starter, main and dessert go together. An easy option is to use the same theme like Mediterranean or Japanese cuisines.

2. Pick seasonal food

Don’t: Avoid picking dishes that contain out of season foods such as pumpkin soup in summer or mango cheesecake in winter.

Do: Pick dishes that showcase seasonal ingredients such as a summer vegetable curry. Your menu will stand out, the quality of the seasonal food will be better plus cheaper in price.

3. Learn dietary requirements to avoid horror

Don’t: Guessing is bad! Don’t assume your guests dietary requirements. A moussaka is amazing but it will limit your veggie and non-nightshade eaters.

Do: Take your guests dietary requirements into consideration. Ask your guests prior to a dinner party about their dietary requirements and dislikes.

4. Take expert opinion

Don’t: Don’t be too ambitious, you’ll be overwhelmed and end up with a crappy dinner party menu, such as Mac and cheese.

Do: Do chat with private chefs, ask them what they recommend for your dinner party menu. The winning formula is to take the expert opinion.

5. Go elegant and forget the boring regular dinner menu

Don’t: Best practice is to avoid boring regular menus, your guests probably have them on a regular basis. This doesn’t create excitement at your dinner party.

Do: Pick an elegant menu that you and your guests don’t have usually such as waffle topped with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce as a starter, beef wellington with mushroom sauce and seasonal vegetables as a main and rhubarb millefeuille for dessert.

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To impress your dinner guests, it is important that you arrange and pick the right things for the dinner menu. Use these tips and let us know how it goes and if you want us to help you with picking your dinner party menu, let our community managers know.