Easter Dinner Menu Ideas: 5 Top Picks From Eggcellent Private Chefs

Easter is a fabulous time to get together with friends and family and catch up with after a busy beginning of the year. One of the most pleasant ways to get together always involves food. We think that after a great Easter Sunday throwing a dinner for your closest friends will be just what will make your easter experience unforgettable. We have 5 amazing easter dinner menu ideas that will guarantee a great evening.

Easter Dinner Menu Ideas: 5 Top Picks From Eggcellent Private Chefs

Easter can be such a festive time, but after Christmas craziness, we often forget that decorating the house for easter can be a great fun. Decorating a little will set us in a celebratory mood. There are some very simple items that you can DIY that will look lovely and will impress your guests. It’s a great idea to put some fresh branches into a bigger vase and then you can make some decoration to hang on the branches.

An easy way is to make egg shells and hang them on ribbons. Paint them in different patterns and colors. It will be super fun to do with a whole family and spend some quality time together. Another very easter-like ornament will be simple daffodils on the table. Another thing that I personally like to do is grow in advance some watercress on a large plate so it looks like a grass and put colored eggs on top of it.

Easter Dinner Menu Ideas: 5 Top Picks From Eggcellent Private Chefs 

Family feast

family feast

  • Green bean salad

  • Ham with honey glaze 

  • Banoffee pie

This lovely easter dinner menu is a combination of very classic ingredients that will be great for the very conservative part of the family. You can start with green beans in a salad add some other seasonal greens or young potatoes and soak them in the garlic vinaigrette. The ham in a glaze will be an absolute star of the dinner. Juicy with a crusty glaze. Simply yum!

Decadent dinner party

Decadent menu

  • Amuse bouche

  • 36-day aged beef

  • Chocolate indulgence

This amazing decadent idea for easter dinner menu is a true treat. Combine the best quality ingredients and turn them into a symphony of textures and flavors. This dinner menu may be a slight challenge for beginner chefs that why we have our awesome Chef Alex to help you out with this one. 

Juicy lamb

Juicy lamb menu

  • Asparagus with pan-braised scallops

  • Pistachio crusted lamb rack

  • Strawberry shortcake

Amongst ur ideas for easter dinner party, there had to be placed for some buttery scallops and juicy lamb rack. Choosing this menu means waiting with childish excitement for the Easter to come so you can indulge yourself in those delicious dishes. 

British Classics

British classic menu

  • Seared scallops, tangerine, fennel

  • Rare rump cap

  • Chocolate and caramel delice

A bit more of our favorite British classics. Try scallops with oranges and fennel and indulge yourself with grilled rump. This combo is courtesy of our great Chef Daniel. Invite him over for your Easter and he will prepare the best food you have ever had. 

The spring feeling

spring dinner menu

  • Cucumber soup

  • Roasted asparagus carbonara

  • Lemon tart

A lighter dinner that is full of spring color of green and yellow! Try the roasted asparagus carbonara! A bit of different approach to asparagus that you will fall in love with. A lemon tart is my favourite from this easter dinner menu set. Add a meringue on top if you have a bit of sweet tooth. 

If you are looking for more Easter dinner menu ideas have a look at our Mother’s Day Dinner Menu:  5 Loving Menus From Top Private Chefs. If you need more inspiration have a look a what our Private Chefs are cooking!