5 Best Family Birthday Party Ideas To Make Everyone Happy From Kids To Adults

Are you planning a birthday party where half of the crowd are children and the other half adults? Sometimes it is hard to find the golden solution when you have to entertain very different people. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you cannot make everyone happy. We have 5 great family birthday party ideas that will make all your guests happy and entertain even the youngest.  Plus some tips and ideas on what food for kids birthday party at home works best.

5 Best Family Birthday Party Ideas To Make Everyone Happy From Kids To Adults

When you throw a party for kids, sometimes it is difficult to figure out what to serve. As we all know the young ones can be very picky with their food. At the same time, it would be very daunting to prepare totally separate meals for everyone. The easiest way out is to make a ‘base food’. Then you can make it more interesting by adding up extra toppings or more kid-friendly sides. You can choose a chicken based dish for your main that can be served with an extra flavoursome sauce for the adults and with simple fries for the kids. This idea will make everyone happy but at the same time will not give you a lot of extra work. 

5 Best Family Birthday Party Ideas To Make Everyone Happy From Kids To Adults

1. Karaoke and catering with private chef

Our first on the list of family birthday party ideas is a karaoke party with delicious food in the background. The big advantage of this choice is that by choosing a Private Chef to do the catering you will have the most amazing food served both for kids and grown-ups and you do not even have to lift a finger. Instead of being stuck in the kitchen all day you can focus on the other aspects of making the party great, like getting the karaoke-ready. Everyone will be thrilled to sing their favourite songs together.

2. Afternoon tea bus tour

double decker bus

This is a great idea for all the Londoners especially! You can enjoy the tour around the most beautiful places in the city and still enjoy your tea and canapes. Kids will be super excited to see everything from the top of the bus. You can stop in the zoo for an hour or two to entertain the youngest participants of the party and in the meantime the adults can enjoy more amazing food and relax on the bus.  

3. Family photo shoot and birthday brunch


You know they say that you only look good with your family in the photos. It’s up to you if you believe it but it’s still a great idea to preserve the memories by taking photos. This especially applies to a big family get together. Gather all the grandmas and aunts and make it a big family photo shoot. It can be followed by a lovely brunch prepared in your chosen location by one of our exquisite Private Chefs.

You will spend a lovely day together as a family and have the photos to reignite your memories. This could be great fun if you are celebrating the birthday of your grandparents or the older members of the family. 

4. Backyard party and BBQ


This is a classic family birthday party idea great for the summer season. Roast your favourite sausages, seafood, and veggies on the BBQ and play in the garden. Kids will love to run around and play with a frisbee or a ball and the adults can just relax around the table with a beer in their hand.

5. Comedy club show and birthday dinner


Our last idea on the list of family birthday party ideas is a comedy club show. Is everyone ready for some good jokes? Taking your family for a comedy club show can be great entertainment for the whole family – just make sure you choose a kids-appropriate comedy club show if they are coming along! After you have had some laughs it’s a great idea to grab dinner with your family and the birthday celebrant. You can grab your favourite food out in the city or come back home and have a relaxed dinner.

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