10 Best Healthy Brownie Recipes For You: Our Favourites

Just because you’re wanting to eat healthier or lose a bit of weight shouldn’t mean you don’t get to indulge.  We just love brownies and couldn’t justify eating a full-fat brownie every day (yes we know it’s bad!).  So we did a bit of research and tried some recipes and put together this list of healthy brownie recipes.  There’s a real mix of recipes here, some that include black beans, we’d never even thought of this before.  There are others with avocado, we love avocado so we thought that would be an immediate winner.  Others that include yogurt or coconut oil.

10 Best Healthy Brownie Recipes For You: Our Favourites

It seems like the newest food fashion is to be able to eat whatever you want to eat, but just a healthier version.  So we’ve started a little conquest to find our favourite healthy recipes for our favorite naughty treats.

Healthy Brownie Recipes: Our Favourite 10

Healthy Brownies with Black Beans

brownies and cream

This healthy brownie recipe might sound a little unusual due to the addition of black beans but it’s one you must try, see the healthy dark chocolate brownie recipe here.  This recipe makes just 1 mugs worth, so if your willpower is low like ours is it’s perfect!  That way you don’t end up eating half a tray of brownies and defeat the point of making a healthy version.

Grain Free Brownies

Grain Free Brownie Recipe

This recipe keeps the sticky fudgy texture of a brownie, whilst being a healthier option, so you don’t feel quite so guilty!  Plus it’s packed with protein and good fats, read the recipe here.

Healthy Yogurt Brownie Recipe


This version of a healthy brownie recipe uses greek yogurt, which makes them great for breakfast.  And an added bonus, this one doesn’t use any beans!  See the healthy protein fudgy brownie recipe here.

Low-Calorie Healthy Brownies


This brownie recipe uses lentils, but if you’re not a fan of the taste don’t worry, because you can’t taste the lentils inside.  See the lentil & date brownie recipe here.  They recommend adding pecans into this recipe, and aren’t pecans just perfect in a brownie!

Flourless Healthy Yogurt Brownie Recipe

flourless dark chocolate brownie recipe

Another recipe that uses greek yogurt, this time it’s in the frosting.  This recipe was developed from a sweet potato brownie recipe, without the sweet potatoes!  See the flourless dark chocolate brownie recipe here.

Healthy Brownie Recipe with Cocoa Powder

almond butter brownie recipe

This recipe is packed full of our favourite ingredients like almond butter, and especially dark chocolate!  It also includes a recipe for pomegranate and almond butter brownies.  Read the dark chocolate almond butter brownie recipe here.

Healthy Brownies with Coconut Oil

coconut oil brownie recipe

This recipe is both paleo and vegan, so you can share it with all your gym buddies!  Or keep them to yourself, we won’t blame you because they’re really tasty.  They are sweetened with dates and honey, which means they are sticky, sweet and chewy, just like a real brownie.  Read the honey & date brownie here.

Healthy Avocado Brownies 

avocado brownie recipe

This recipe takes out the oil or butter used in normal recipes and replaces it with avocado, that’s packed full of good fats and gives it’s a lovely creamy texture.  You’ve got to try this one out to understand how amazing it is, read it here.

Healthy Brownie Bites

healthy brownie bite recipe

This recipe is great because they are bite-sized, meaning you can have a couple!  And they also taste amazing with or without the chocolate chips.  See the recipe here.

Another Black Bean Brownie Recipe


If you didn’t have your fill of black beans from the first recipe then tuck into this one!  And it’s one of the easiest to follow, mostly because you chuck all the ingredients into a blender, whiz it and then straight into the oven.  See the recipe here.

And if all this brownie talk has got you in the mood for a good old brownie then take a look at these brownie recipes or find a Chef to whip one up for you.