The Best Iftar Party Menu Ideas To Enjoy During Ramadan

After a whole day of fasting (not even to mention the whole month!), it is only right to gather with your friends and family and enjoy a feast! We have prepared a set of starters, mains, and desserts that you can mix and match for your next celebration. Have a look at our Iftar party menu ideas!

The Best Iftar Party Menu Ideas To Enjoy During Ramadan

Whenever it is time to host a big party for friends and family it’s a good idea to choose to serve buffet style snacks and dishes rather than seat everyone by the table. By putting the food on one table and letting people help themselves you let them mingle more with the food in their hands and enjoy the company of everyone who came to the party. It is also easier for you as a host to prepare everything in advance and then be able to enjoy the party as well rather than worry about serving more food. 

The Best Iftar Party Menu Ideas To Enjoy During Ramadan

Starters For Iftar Party Menu

  • Grilled eggplant topped with yogurt


  • Filo fingers with lamb

    filo pastries

  • Okra with tomatoes


  • Tabbouleh


  • Samosas


  • Moroccan cooked pepper salad

    pepper salad

  • Baba ganoush

    baba ganoush

  • Hummus


  • Beetroot and chickpeas cutlets

    chickpeas balls

  • Eggplant moussaka


A great assortment of starters will get you far! Usually, they require fewer ingredients and less cooking time than main meals but at a buffet party, they create a feeling of a vast variety of dishes. It is a great idea to choose more appetizers than mains and desserts for your Iftar table.

Mains For Iftar Party Menu

  • Morrocan lentil soup

    lentil soup

  • Pomegranate stew with chicken 

    chicken stew

  • Lamb Tagine


  • Chicken Jalfrezi


  • Herb rice with Fava beans


  • Chicken Dum biryani


  • Chicken kebabs


  • Fish tikka


  • Stuffed baby zucchini and wine leaves with lamb chops


  • Lamb kofta


To serve mains at your buffet party, you can either serve them portioned out in smaller bite size portions so your guests can enjoy them even if they are walking around the room and talking with others. On the other hand, you can also leave them in bigger containers that are heated. That way the food will remain fresh and warm all through the night. On the downside, it means that your guests will most likely need a seating place as well as a set of cutlery and a proper plate, so in my opinion, this is a better idea if you are hosting your party in a big venue.

Desserts For Iftar Party Menu

  • Algerian almond tarts


  • Rose petal pound cake


  • Date & nut balls

    date balls

  • Chocolate cake

    chocolate cake

  • Pistachio baklava


  • Date and walnut Maamoul


  • Coconut Basbousa


  • Pomegranate and date smoothie


  • Karabij


  • Mafruka


Last but not least are the desserts! I think the tip for serving the desserts is the exact opposite to serving the appetisers. Because they are eaten last and most of your guests will be a bit full of the savoury foods it will be plenty to make just two desserts, even for a big party. Also, take into consideration that the majority of people will not eat as many sweet things as they do savoury. So save yourself some time and don’t overstock on the desserts.

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