Restaurants vs Personal Chef Cost For a Dinner party: Which is Better Value For Money?

When you’re looking to treat yourself to a meal cooked by someone else you might automatically think of going to a restaurant. You’ve probably never imagined having a Personal Chef in your own home to cook for you. The reason for that?  Well, it must be the price surely! When thinking of a Personal Chef you probably think it’s reserved for the elite and ultra-rich. But actually, a Personal Chef cost is less than you’d think. Actually a lot less, it can be more affordable than eating in a restaurant. And we’re not just comparing those to Michelin Star restaurants!

restaurant vs personal chef cost

Over 4000 Foodies can’t be wrong!  That’s how many have used our Personal Chefs.  And when you get a bad experience in a restaurant.

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Restaurants vs Personal Chef Cost for a Dinner Party

OK, so you’re having a dinner party let’s take a look at the non-cooking options:

1) You can go to a restaurant


Firstly you need to book your table, the restaurant you really want might not be able to fit you in for your desired time and date, you might have to compromise, or go somewhere else.  Next, you have to get to the restaurant, you can drive, but that means you won’t be drinking.  You can take public transport, but if you’re wearing your favourite outfit and a nice pair of shoes do you want to risk someone stepping on them.  Or you can take a taxi, that’s going to be a bit pricey, isn’t it?  You choose food from a set menu, you can alter it to your tastes and dietary requirements, but let’s admit it, you do feel pretty cheeky asking to alter meals!

The price is listed on the menu so you know what you are paying.  The service can be good, sometimes it’s exceptional and occasionally it’s not that great.  You don’t get to meet the Chef unless you’re at one of those fancy restaurants or a Teppanyaki place, but you really have to fork out for that experience!  

And what if there’s something wrong with your evening?  Who do you go to, you can speak to the waiter or manager and hope they can resolve it.  If they don’t what do you do then?  Vent your frustration through social media and trip advisor?  And finally you’re in a restaurant with other people, so sometimes you can’t really chat about what you want to.

2)  You can hire a Personal Chef

Chef preparing food

So you need to book your Personal Chef, with over 200 Chefs to choose from you are pretty much guaranteed that you won’t have to compromise on the date or time.  Then there is no travelling, the Chef will bring everything to your house, so you save money on that and the effort of travelling.  You just have to make sure you’re dressed when your guests arrive.  

You can choose any menu you desire with any ingredients you want, and you won’t feel cheeky asking for it to be tailored to your tastes and dietary requirements. After all you’re paying for it, why shouldn’t you get exactly what you want.  The price is explained by the Chef beforehand, so there are no surprises.  The service is always exceptional as it’s all done by the Chef themselves.  They will present the food and talk you through each course, plus you can learn some cooking tips on the way as you see the Chef in action in your kitchen.  

And if you’ve booked through ChefXChange and something goes wrong you are protected!  We’re pretty confident everything will go swimmingly, but just in case it doesn’t we don’t pay our Chefs until the day after the event, giving you protection.  Plus there’s 24/7 support, and you won’t feel shy about letting us know if something wasn’t quite rosy.  And, the best bit of all you’re in the privacy of your own home, you get the Chefs undivided attention and you can gossip away.  

But, what about the cost?

Here’s our answer to your question – personal chef cost?

A Personal Chef costs on average £40 per person in London for a dinner party of 6 people.  Let’s compare a menu from a restaurant to a Personal Chef:

Personal Chef cost

Restaurant VS Personal Chef cost for a dinner party

Here we are comparing Personal Chef Daniel’s British Classics menu to eating the same dishes in a range of mid-priced restaurants in London.  So you can start to see that you can get better value for money with a Personal Chef, and actually save some money!  

So it’s sounding great value for money but how do you know to trust us?

We’ve bee talked about in a variety of publications from CNN, to Forbes Middle East and the Evening Standard.  We’ve served more than 4,500 meals in 2016 alone, and 4000 Foodies can’t be wrong!

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If you need some more convincing then take a look at these reviews:

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OK, you’re trusting us now, but what does the food look like?

Not only is it breathtaking and mouthwatering, it’s Instagram-worthy that is priceless.


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