5 Best Tips For New Mums Getting Back In Shape

It may seem daunting for new mums thinking about getting back to your ideal shape after giving birth to a little human. If you’re thinking it seems worlds away just remember the daunted feeling knowing you were going to have to give birth anyway. Now remember, that if you can create a perfect little life, then anything is possible! Perhaps you want to return to your peak physical fitness. Or perhaps you just want to lose the baby weight. Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips for new mums getting back in shape.

Tips for new mums getting back in shape

5 Best Tips For New Mums Getting Back In Shape

It can be difficult returning to your post-baby body and new mums bounce back at different speeds. It’s important to remember that, like most things, the most important thing is your mindset. If you tell yourself you can do it, if you set yourself goals and are open to trying new things you are more likely to succeed. If you keep focusing on how hard it will be, how long it will take or how you’ll manage your time then you might just psych yourself out. There are little things that you can do that can help you get back into shape quick, all without sacrificing family time.

Simple food swaps

It’s important to not make drastic diet changes post baby – especially if you’re breastfeeding. However, you can start adjusting your eating habits, remember to continue to keep to the recommended intake of 1,800 calories a day and sticking to a balanced diet. We would suggest making simple swaps and ensuring that you eat enough carbohydrates and protein to keep your energy levels up.

Try reducing intake in foods that are heavy in saturated fats and salts, and eat more fruit and vegetables. You can also start making healthy swaps, such as swapping white pasta, rice or bread to wholegrain equivalents. Another simple swap would be to substitute creamy or cheese based pasta sauces for tomato sauces.

15-minute home workouts

Next time you get a spare 15 minutes, you can also try out home workouts. These are quick little workouts that can help you strengthen your core and don’t take too much time out of your day. Next time baby is having a nap, you can do some gentle exercises such as ab slides, basic bridges. It’s recommended that you start slow and gradually build up.

Baby walks or jogs

If you’re looking for ways to start getting active again but don’t want to sacrifice family time, then baby walks or jogs are a great option. Next time you run out of food or need to go on a nappy run, opt for a walk to your local store with your baby. Little regular trips like these can strengthen your body up and get you used to exercise again. It’s also a great way for some family bonding time, you can stop for a picnic or feed the ducks and this is all time when you’re distracted from snacking, and getting exercise and fresh air.

There are many options for prams that are adapted for running, meaning they’re light and sturdy. It’s always best for new mums to start exercising gently after childbirth, wait 6 months before you start running and start out with walks. Pregnancy can weaken your core, so give yourself some time before trying to get back into your old routines. Running with a pram can increase your calorie burn by up to 20% so it’s a great way to get back into shape after having a baby.

Fitness tips for new mums
Post-Natal and Baby Yoga classes

If you didn’t face complications during pregnancy you may be able to start gently exercises such as post-natal yoga. Don’t push yourself into doing the exercises you were doing before pregnancy, instead start slow before increasing the intensity. There are also Baby Yoga classes that invite both mum and baby to take on different poses. It’s a great way to strengthen your core and enjoy some active mum and baby time.

Set a routine

Other tips for new mums getting back in shape include setting a routine. Studies show that women that eat breakfast are more in control of their eating than those that skip meals. If you eat in the morning, you’re less likely to hit a wall and start snacking on calorific foods with less nutritional value. We suggest making yourself something simple, for example, making yourself a quick bowl of porridge when has just been fed. Keep your fluids up by drinking a glass of water first thing when you wake up.

Fitness tips for new mums

It can be hard to find time as a new mum with a new-born to take care of. However, there are little diet changes and short exercises that you can do to help ease you back into fitness. Most importantly, have fun, don’t push yourself too hard and make fun memories with your family.

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