Wedding Buffet Menu Ideas: 5 Top Picks From Wedding Specialist Chefs

Planning a wedding is a challenge and on top of organizing the band, invitations, venue, dress and all other formalities you have to take care of the food. If you have already decided that a buffet serving style is what you want to go for, you are one step closer to being finished. Have a look at some great wedding buffet menu ideas that our chefs have prepared for you.

Wedding Buffet Menu Ideas: 5 Top Picks From Wedding Specialist Chefs

Why should you choose a buffet for your wedding? There are several reasons why a buffet is just as good as a formal seated arrangement or even better. It all depends on what you have chosen as your wedding theme. A buffet allows people to mingle, so it will work great for the smaller parties if you have up to 50 guests. It will not get too crowded in the area where food is served and your guests will be happy to walk around and talk to each other. A buffet will be especially lovely if you are celebrating outdoors. It will also work great if you know that your guests are a bit picky with their food. They have a total freedom to pick up whatever they like so you will have less food waste after the event. 

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Wedding buffet menu ideas: 5 top picks from wedding specialist chefs

Sea and Land 

Sea and land menu

– Marinated amberjack Crudo with citrus & basil & chili oil

– Grilled sardine crostini

– Grilled octopus & cecina de Leon

– Black rice with seared scallops & aromatic clams

– Hanger steak with snail persillade, dried tomatoes & chard onion 

– Raspberry & mascarpone creme brulee

This menu will be amazing if you know that your guests are more demanding and gourmet in their food choices. Beautiful combinations of seafood and meat with aromas from all over the world. This menu is a true piece of art and your guests will be recalling your wedding party for many years to come. 

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British Classics

British menu

– Barely and rice stuffed mushrooms

– Scottish salmon with dill sauce

– Spinach, pea and feta salad

– Mix of green salads with vinaigrette 

– Roasted root vegetables

– Roast beef with caramelised onion gravy

– Lamb chops with mint jelly

– Eaton mess

– Sticky toffee pudding

– Cherry and almond tarts

If your guests are traditional in their approach to food then this wedding buffet menu idea is perfect. Also just because the food is traditional it doesn’t mean it cannot be delicious and surprising. Everyone will be happy with so many choices on the table.

Do you feel like you would love to have some roasted vegetables for dinner this weekend? Have a look at this delicious roasted veggies recipe for inspiration. 

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Healthy Buffet

Healthy menu

– Quinoa salad

– Broccoli salad

– Figs salad

– Roasted turkey

– Greek mousaka

– Stir fried beef

– Grilled fish

– Cardamom panacotta

– Exotic fruit salad

– Oats berry crumble

If you’re struggling for wedding buffet menu ideas for those who are watching their calories then this is great. The food is healthy but also delicious and you have an amazing variety of dishes and tastes. This is a menu in which everyone can find something that they will love whether it’s fish, meat or veggies. 

This menu is a courtesy of our wonderful Chef Amro, who can make your special day even more exceptional. 

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Cooling Summer Menu

Cooling summer menu

– Crudites with hummus, gorgonzola dip, and tzatziki

– Gazpacho

– Avocado Shrimp cocktail

– Grilled octopus with balsamic vinegar

– Greek salad

– Charcoal grilled meets mix

– Pan seared sea bass filet with chili and lime

– Watermelon smoothie

– Pavlova with pomegranate seeds

A great set of dishes for a hot summer afternoon making it one of the best wedding buffet menu ideas. A lot of you are waiting for the sunshine to tie the knot do not forget that some foods go better with the hot weather than others. Your guests will fully enjoy this cooling menu with loads of light meals.

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Nibble menu

– Bruschettas with goat cheese, figs and 

– Antipasto

– Cheese board 

– Potato salad with shallots, chives, and vinaigrette

– Grilled eggplant and zucchini rolls 

– Sliders

– Buckwheat blins with salmon

– Croque monsieur

– Chocolate fudge with nuts

– Lemon tartlets 

A great wedding buffet menu idea is to serve finger food. Do not be mistaken, though, finger food can be great quality and surprising in taste. It will be super easy for your guests to grab a plate and just wander around and mingle because no cutlery is needed for this menu. 

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