Birthday Dinner Ideas: 5 Best Menus to Blast the Birthday Dinner Party Night

Birthday parties, who doesn’t love those, right? If you’re hosting a birthday party for your friend, husband, fiance, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, mom, dad, sibling, kids, we have the best birthday dinner ideas for you! We know, birthdays are so special and you always want to make the birthday boy or girl happy and special. Often times, we stress over what to do and what not to do and how to make that event flawless. We are a 100% sure that all what the birthday person care about is to have his/her friends, family and loved ones around and of course there has to be some wine and food involved!

Birthday Dinner Ideas: 5 Best Menus to Blast the Birthday Dinner Party Night

Birthday Dinner Ideas: 5 Best Menus to Blast the Birthday Dinner Party Night

Not sure what kind of food or menu should be on that birthday dinner party? No worries, because ChefXChange has got you covered! We have included 5 best birthday dinner ideas…read on and you will be inspired!

1- Mini everything!

birthday dinner ideas

Mini burgers, mini hot dogs, mini pizzas, mini cupcakes, mini salad cups! This menu would be great for a fun birthday dinner party. Those small bites are great to have people a taste of everything and also not overeat!

2-Italian cuisine themed party. ie: PIZZA!

pizza for birthday dinner

Did we just say pizza? Yes! Bring in few different pizza with different flavours and everyone will love it! A salad with Italian dressing on the side will go great with this delicious carb loaded slices!

3-Asian cuisine themed party

asian food for birthday dinner

Who doesn’t like some Chinese dumpling, spring rolls, chicken wings, beef skewers? This Asian cuisine themed dinner will make guests and birthday person so happy and ready to start dancing!

4-Sushi party!

sushi for birthday dinner

Sushi is our favourite for those kinds of party! Sushi is suitable for everyone, vegetarians, vegans, kids and everyone! It’s easy to eat and there are lots of varieties and tastes. We recommend serving it with bowls of edamame on the side and seaweed salad for extra freshness!

Chef Shane in Dubai makes the best Sushi in town, he will make sure you have an amazing meal! Check out his menus here

5-BBQ party

bbq birthday dinner

It’s almost Spring time and already spring weather in some parts of the world (ie: Dubai) meaning perfect for Barbecue parties. BBQ parties are the best and also easiest! Grab few pieces of your favourite meat or chicken, marinate them and throw them on the grill. YUM! For side dishes, easy! Just slices some vegetables and also throw them on the grill.

Check out our BBQ master, Chef Karim in Beirut, he is very famous for his gourmet burger and BBQ.

Last but not least, a birthday party is never complete without a birthday cake! Complement those menu ideas with the birthday person’s favourite cake!

birthday cake

Don’t feel like cooking? No worries, our chefs got you covered! They will do everything from A to Z to make sure everything is flawless and everyone is having a good time!