Birthday Dinner Menu Ideas For Husband: Our 5 Best Menus From Top Private Chef

Throwing your husband a birthday dinner can be pretty tricky, first, you have to decide what he likes, then you have to put those ideas into dishes, then you need to decide what dishes go together and then you have to make it.  It can become pretty stressful.  But we’ve taken the stress out of it by putting together 5 birthday dinner menu ideas.  Plus they’ve been inspired by Private Chefs, where can you go wrong?

Birthday Dinner Menu Ideas

We’ll take you through 5 different birthday dinner menus for your husband each with 3 courses.  If you think there might be too much food left over then simply reduce the size of the main course.  If you usually eat just one course for dinner a good rule is to reduce the main course by 2/3 – 1/2.  To make the dinner extra special make the protein the main part of the dinner, and just add less sides. 

Our Five Best Birthday Dinner Menu Ideas below: 

Romantic Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu Ideas

Starter: Cajun chili oyster

Main: Aberdeen Angus fillet steak with squash puree and wilted spinach

Dessert: Chocolate spindles with vanilla cream and berry coulis

This menu is perfect for a birthday dinner at home with your husband.  It begins and ends with an aphrodisiac, with the main course being an Angus steak, it is the perfect romantic night.  You can make the starter, dessert and squash puree in advance, even a day before, meaning that you get to spend plenty of time with your husband on his special day.  All you need to do on the evening is plate the starter and dessert, and fry the steak to your liking and wilt the spinach.

Sea Inspired Menu

Dinner Menu Ideas

Starter: Smoked salmon terrine with cream cheese and chives

Main: Grouper with an edamame and shitake mushrooms veloute

Dessert: Chocolate tart with honeycomb and vanilla ice cream

If your husband is a fan of fish then treat him to this birthday dinner menu.  It may seem like a hard menu but when you can make the starter and dessert in advance, up to two days before it really relieves all the pressure on the day.  All you need to do is pan fry the grouper, pan frying gives the skin a lovely crisp texture.  This menu will take him through 2 different textures and flavours of fish.  Smoked salmon is a rich decadent flavour with a very smooth texture, the cream cheese complements it perfectly.  Grouper is a light white fish with a melt in the mouth texture, the veloute adds depth to this dish.  There’s no better way to finish off a light dinner than with a rich chocolate tart.  The vanilla ice cream helps to lighten this course leaving you and your husband pleasantly full.

Vegetarian Dinner

Dinner Menu Ideas

Starter: Potato cake with fresh herbs

Main: Baked ratatouille with aubergine and mozzarella

Dessert: Caramelized banana with vanilla cheesecake

This birthday dinner menu idea is perfect, even if you aren’t vegetarians, it will open your eyes to food you may never have eaten before.  All of the food can be made in advance, up to two days before meaning you don’t have to do anything on the night but heat it up and serve.  The starter is light and tasty, followed by a wholesome main packed full with vegetables and finished off with an unusual dessert.  By caramelizing the bananas in the cheesecake you add extra sweetness, even the biggest bananas haters can’t be changed with this dessert.

Rainbow Inspired Menu

Dinner Menu Ideas

Starter: Scallop and king prawn with fig puree

Main: Carrot and courgette tagliatelle with langoustine

Dessert: Brandy snaps with fresh flowers and beetroot caramel

Treat your husband to this birthday dinner menu with the colours of the rainbow.  It’s perfect if your husband has a birthday in the summer as most of the ingredients will be seasonal, making them tastier and cheaper.  It begins will an exotic fish dish with fig, the fig is tart as well as sweet.  You may never have imagined pairing these foods together but they work so well.  The main course involves spiralizing the veg if you’d like to add some carbs to the dish then try some mash on the side.  The dessert finishes off the the light courses by adding some sweetness and cream.

Luxurious Dinner

Dinner Menu Ideas

Starter: Seared scallops with tangerine and fennel purée

Main: Tail of red mullet with quinoa and porcini foam

Dessert: Chocolate cake with a chocolate spiral

We end our birthday dinner menu ideas for husbands with a luxurious dinner menu.  It begins will seared scallops, which are a luxury themselves, pairing them with the tangerine and fennel take this dish to the next level.  The main is full of different flavours, which when added together make this a complex and tasty dish. The image of the dessert speaks for itself!  

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Instead of struggling your way through the kitchen why not hire a Chef to do all the hard work for you.  You can browse our Private Chefs here, or if you have something specific in mind you can let us know on our concierge page here.  And if you’re struggling for gift ideas then take a look at our surprise birthday ideas for your husband.  To make your night.