5 Best Breakfast Canapes Menu Ideas: Easy, Fresh And Quick

A breakfast event or meeting can be a great way to kick off your busy day. Whether you are arranging a canapes buffet for the office retreat or starting a big event there are many canapes choices that will make your guest extremely happy. Have a look at our 5 best breakfast canapes menu ideas that will be a great fit for your event.

5 Best Breakfast Canapes Menu Ideas: Easy, Fresh And Quick

We thought arranging canapes in themes may be a nice idea if you want to start your meeting with a specific topic or you know that your guests prefer some food over others. Otherwise, I think it’s a great choice to pick two types of canapes from our 5 menus and combine them into one delicious morning. 

5 Best Breakfast Canapes Menu Ideas: Easy, Fresh And Quick

Eggo-centric breakfast canapes menu

egg benedictomleteEgg muffins

  • Egg benedict on a crostini

  • Egg and Zucchini Muffins

  • Frittata with Feta and spinach

  • Omelette with Chives and cherry tomatoes

  • Devil eggs with salmon paste 

Our first breakfast canapes menu ideas are created with the star of every breakfast: eggs. If there is one ingredient that should not be missing from a breakfast table it’s definitely this one. It can be so diverse that you will find endless ideas how you can present it to your guests. We think that serving some of the classic egg dishes is a great idea! 

It’s all about the meat 

Chorizo Bacon wrapped enoki

  • Chorizo with Roasted Peppers on a fresh baguette

  • Bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms

  • Breakfast sausage in puff pastry 

  • Bacon and brie and cranberry panini

  • Parma ham, roast tomato & rocket mini croissants

For those of your guests who need a heavy breakfast, a set of meaty canape is a way to go. You can serve classic English breakfast favourites and enjoy a variety of bacon dishes in all forms. It is absolutely necessary not to forget the classic: pigs in blanket!

Sweet table

Pancakes Muffins

  • Mini pancakes stack

  • Carrot cake muffins

  • Banana bread bites

  • Waffles with fruits

  • Cocktail Danish pastries

Sometimes you just have a sweet tooth in the morning and dishes without sugar will not do. That is why this easy breakfast canapes menu is a perfect choice for the sugar craving crowd. There is a huge variety of sweets you can serve in the morning including all the pastries, pancakes of all sorts, and, arguably the most important… waffles. 

Healthy breakfast canapes 

Yogurt, muesli and fruits Chia pudding Avocado toast

  • Avocado on sourdough with walnuts

  • Yogurt with strawberries and granola 

  • Fruit salad skewers

  • Chocolate chia pudding 

  • Baked egg with peppers and tomatoes

As we are all becoming more health conscious it’s a great idea to include some healthy food options in your canapes breakfast buffet. This can be a particularly nice idea for the events that are connected in any way to health or sports topics. 

Smoothie shots

Berry smoothie Oat smoothie Smoothies

  • Energising Ginger, carrot, and apple smoothie 

  • Oat, milk, cinnamon banana smoothie

  • Berry smoothie

  • Mango, mint and passionfruit refresher 

  • Yogurt, chia seeds, and blueberry smoothie

Our last breakfast canapes menu idea is a little bit unconventional, as it comes in a liquid form. Nevertheless, it can be a very interesting form of breakfast as smoothies have gained a lot of recognition as a breakfast food. Enjoy those delicious drinks in shot glasses, that way your guests can try all the different flavours. 

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