Breakfast Catering Services: Prices, Reviews And Special Offer For Your Event

You have probably done it all already. Organizing dinners and lunches for friends or work events. One meal that tends to be disregarded prematurely from events calendars is breakfast. Breakfast can be a great get together. A perfect meal with a more relaxed atmosphere, but it can also be a great idea for formal events like weddings. We want to show you some amazing breakfast catering services, which you can order with our incredible Private Chefs.

Breakfast Catering Services: Prices, Reviews And Special Offer For Your Event

Breakfast Catering Services: Prices, Reviews And Special Offer For Your Event

Chef’s Myles Wedding Breakfast 

Scotch eggBreakfast Chocolate tart

  • Crispy Scotch Hens Egg, Beetroot, and Horseradish.

  • Braised Lamb Rump, Crushed Baby Potatoes, Buttered Green Beans, Roast Carrots.

  • Dark Chocolate Torte, Caramel, Popcorn, Salt.

The first of our breakfast catering services is a wedding breakfast. It can be an amazing idea to throw a big breakfast for your close family and friends before the madness of the wedding begins for good. It could also be a great idea if you are doing a destination wedding and you already have everyone at the venue in advance. Regardless of what the reason for this delicious feast may be, this mouth-watering and beautiful looking breakfast can be ordered for a party of 10-120  people and will cost you between 35 and 50 GBP.

Chef Ayah Breakfast

EggsRed velvet pancakesStrawberries

  • Eggalicious

  •  Red velvet pancakes

  • Nutella stuffed French toast

  • Chocolate covered strawberries

Our second breakfast catering service will be an amazing choice for a smaller private gathering. Enjoy this very generous breakfast with friends or family. The delicious pancakes and nutella french toasts will make up a pleasant background to a long and cosy morning. To order this breakfast, you have to be a group of not more than 20 people and it will cost you around 50 USD.

Chef Eddie Brunch

French toast Homemade granola

  • Argentinian grilled flank steak

  • Strawberry & Marscapone Stuffed Brioche French Toast

  • Housemade Granola

If you do not want your event to start too early because you are not a morning person, you can choose a slight variation and go for a brunch. This menu from Chef Eddie is a perfect choice for a business brunch for a larger company. You can order this experience for up to 100 people it will cost you approximately 30 USD per person. 

Chef Zendy’s Sweet Breakfast 

ProfiterolesChocolate tart Mango Chia PuddingBlueberry Muffins

  • Profiteroles

  • Chocolate Tart

  • Mango Chia Pudding

  • Blueberry Muffins

The last of our breakfast catering services is an amazing sweet buffet that is also healthy! Who can say no to that? This delicious menu is a creation of our Chef Zendy who takes her inspiration form Indonesian cuisine. Delicious and healthy – you won’t find a better casual buffet for your office event or a garden party. This experience can be arranged for 12 people and will cost you 54 AED per person.

ChefXChange Reviews

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ChefXChange Review

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